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KR Reactions to Patch 8.5: Welcoming the "Last" Illaoi Skin


On the 6th of March, League of Legends was hit with patch 8.5. Following the patch came increased numbers to objective buffs, and although it's still small in scale to patch 8.4, due to the addition of Kai'Sa and the buffs to previously unpopular champions, 8.5 garnered lots of attention from the players.

Although it hasn't been applied yet, one side of the community are expecting Kai'Sa to be a strong and fun champion due to her stylish kit. On the other side, some are making predictions that Kai'Sa will end up being a champion like Yasuo, Vayne, or Cain, an unreliable pick that often leads to the player trolling. Along with the addition of Kai'Sa, many players are waiting in anticipation for the new and highly-quality Illaoi skin. 

The following is a compilation of reactions to patch 8.5 from the Korean Inven community.

* For better readability, the contents and order of some of the comments were altered.

▷Will Kai'Sa be OP?
└ Have no doubt. All the champions from the Ka or Kha household have always been OP.
└└ Karthus: "Kill... me..."
└ Whatever the case is, I'd love to have no Kai'Sa on my team.
└ I thought she was going to be added today... I guess they just updated the client ahead of time.
└ Vayne is being called a troll pick champion... I feel like Kai'Sa will become one too.

▷I'm only going to play Swain, Olaf, Rengar, and Nocturne now!
└ We're going to see a lot of Nocturne, Swain, and Olaf now. If you use W while on your way to your target with R on Nocturne, it'll last until you're actually on him. You're basically invincible until you strike your target. As for Swain, his Q is on a 2.5 seconds cooldown. With 20% CDR, he'll be able to spam it every 2 seconds. With RoA and TotG, he'll be able to spam his Q like Karthus. After the remake, he won considered a weaker version of Vladimir. Now, I think he's a better version.
└ Will Sejuani be alright after the patch?
└└ I'd really like for Riot to stop nerfing tanks... :(

▷The range of ADCs are keep getting nerfed... After 8.4, drawn-out games will no longer happen, so why did they nerf Tristana?
└ I really hope that the development team comes to the realization that Tristana is a lategame-oriented carry. Since when did she become a nuking champion with her jumps? If you are going to nerf her base range, at least give her back her old passive! Do we have to play her with ignite-heal and master her W first?
└ I can understand the other changes, but I really don't understand the Tristana nerf.

▷Shyvana who already scales fast is given more attacks per level. Nocture, who's already strong with red smite is being buffed further. As for Ryze, I'm pretty sure that he won't be seeing play in competitive with his changes. As for Zoe and Swain, they're completely OP now. I bet the members of Riot's balance team are noobs.
└ This is too much!
└ "Nocturne who is already strong?" Lol, I think you're the noob.
└ I think Swain is over-buffed. A buff to his W is understandable, but this patch brought too much.

▷The quality of Illaoi's skin is so damn fine. Are they planning to ditch her completely now? Lol.
└ Illaoi's last skin.

▲ Finishing Illaoi's skin line with Resistance Illaoi?

▷I'd really like to see more Nocturne in competitive. I haven't seen him since last year's Worlds.
└ Nocturne, ready to launch!
└ Nocturne received a lot of buffs. Will we see him in competitive?

▷Patches are very difficult to do. On the patch notes of Galio today, it says, "Galio's ability to roam with Hero's Entrance is tied to how efficiently he can clear waves with Winds of War. A higher mana cost ties that waveclear (and the ensuing roams) more tightly to blue buff." My question is, why is Riot patching the game under the assumption that the blue buff belongs to the midlaner? At first, I thought that Riot was being pushed around by the rules that its player base made - because they probably didn't make the game with the idea that the blue buff will always be given over to the midlaner. But if Riot patches the game in another direction, and make blue buff solely the jungler's, it's going to bring chaos to the players. I don't even know the answer anymore.
└ Of course, they're going to be tied down a little bit - much more limited than before the EU meta settled in. At first, it was just players playing in whichever position they wanted in normals, and no one really cared since the queue times were long and they were just normals anyway. But after the introduction of ranked games with set positions, people started complaining, "is Riot trying to remove diversity by patching the game favoring the EU meta?" But in actuality, the patches enforced it. In my opinion, Riot's direction in development follows its users and their ideas, that explains the patch note that you mentioned.
└└ So you're saying that Riot is just working behind the fences that its players set up? And in some ways, that does sound like the correct thing to do as a developer. People will adapt fast to small changes, but adapting to a large change will be much more difficult. If Riot is to remove the "fences", I think a lot of players will end up leaving.
└└└ If a game is patched under the rules that the players made, new players will have an easier time adapting to the game. On the other hand, if the patches of a game only follow a certain direction, but its players keep on creating new rules atop the new patches, the game will be much more difficult for new players.

▲ The never-ending debate: to whom does the blue buff belong to?

▷ Riot needs to change the jungle item so that, only those holding a jungle item can recover resources through the blue buff. That way, Riot won't need to worry about balancing midlane champions when they have the buff - and junglers will be able to keep the blue buff for himself. 
└ But in exchange, junglers won't be able to gain either gold or experience in lane. A fine trade, right?

▷I hope Sion's skill range isn't affected by his bug fixes this patch.
└ The only change to him are the bug fixes? And also, I can't believe Banner received a nerf because of Baron buff...
└ Just as I had thought, Sion only received a bug fix. Is it because he became OP without any direct buffs? But I'd still like for Riot to at least increase his E skill's mana cost...


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