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LoL Patch 8.5: The 5 Things to be Excited About



It is once again patch time! Despite not being as extensive as the “big” 8.4, patch 8.5 brings a lot of interesting changes to champions and items alike – yes, Banner of the Command is indeed getting nerfed - with the big highlight of the week being of course the release of the first new champion of the year, Kai’Sa, the Daughter of the Void.

But instead of mentioning every single change, I decided to simply tell you my opinion, and name the top 5 changes or new features/releases I am excited the most about patch 8.5:

1 – Kai’Sa is coming

Yes, this one is obvious. Kassadin’s daughter is coming for real this time, and despite her not having a particularly impressive or outstanding set of abilities (at least for me), as a main ADC, the fact that we actually have several build options is reason enough to make me really hyped for the Daughter of the Void.

Is your team lacking burst? No problem. Stack up enough AD and your Icathian Rain will be popping squishies in no time! At the same, having a hard time against divers and assassins? The extra indivisibility offered by the upgraded Supercharger surely comes handy, so make sure to have enough Attack Speed for it!

It is truly exciting – and a powerful ability - to be able to adapt your own kit during the course of a game, so I can’t wait to see what the pros will do with her unique kit, and how they will use it to give their teams a decisive edge.

2- Resistance Illaoi (finally!)

Ok, I admit to you: I probably played less than five Illaoi games since she was released more than two years ago - she was indeed released in 2015… how time flies. But I also admit that a new skin was long overdue, with champions released after her being more prioritized when the subject is new skins. Jhin for instance has gotten three new since his release in February of 2016, so yes, not fair at all for the Kraken Priestess.

But the wait was justified, as Riot did a good job, because the skin looks simply awesome. And not only that, a new set of Chromas will be released alongside Resistance Illaoi, in case Ruby is not your favorite color. Maybe I should jump straight away in some ranked game to sharpen up my Illaoi skills, because I definitely want to try this one out.

3- The Return of the Virtuoso?

Talking about Jhin, who is sitting with a sub 48% win ratio for some time now, some interesting changes are coming. More damage with a higher AD bonus from his passive and higher damage percentage ratio on his Dancing Grenade are surely helpful, but having the chance to root the target with Deadly Flourish following Curtain Call gives Jhin a whole new meaning, with this ultimate now being used as an opener or engage tool in order to easily slow down and root enemies for an easy kill.

With that in mind, I am fairly sure pro teams will start prioritizing the Virtuoso on 8.5 due to this new, long-range engage possibility he will offer.

Check out Jhin’s full change list:

4- Rengar and Swain balance changes

After a massive rework to both Rengar and Swain on patches 8.4 and 8.3, respectively, it is good to see Riot taking action and doing balance changes to make both champions well…more balanced.

The buffs and bug fixes on Rengar are more than welcomed, considering the champion has since the changes on 8.4 the lowest win ratio of all junglers according to Champion.gg. A higher Ferocity fall-out time is surely welcomed for longer fights, and the damage buff on Savagery will help to delete those squishies easier.

But the change I am most interested - or as a main ADC, afraid - about is the addition of a buffer to his Q and W if pressed while the Pridestalker is casting his Bola Strike. Wonder how impactful that actually can be…

All numbers and changes are as follow:


Meanwhile Swain, also sitting with a sub-par win ratio, will now be able to use his Death’s Hand more often, and with an added radius to both Vision of Empire and Nevermore, he will have the change to deal more AoE damage, which is definitely useful during team fights.

A VERY interesting addition to his ultimate is that now Demon Flare can pass through champions, something obviously very useful in order to hit multiple targets.

Take a look at all changes Swain will be receiving on patch 8.5:

5- Oh no, is she back?

After getting maybe nerfed a bit too hard last patch - which I didn’t mind at all – everybody’s newest most hated champion - I think she actually managed to take that title from Yasuo - is receiving some buffs, which include a slightly larger attack range and damage buffs to her Paddle Star – who however does not apply her passive to the first target hit – and Spell Thief.

I am pretty sure Zoe won’t return to her pre-8.4 levels of overpowereness, but these changes are more than enough to bring her back to the Rift. Be warned.

The full changelist for the Aspect of Twilight are as follow:

So that would be all! Now, what are YOU looking forward the most on the new update? Let me know below!

If you want more details about all changes, you can check it out here. League of Legends’ patch 8.5 comes out tomorrow, March 7.

(Pictures courtesy of Riot Games)

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