MVP Ian: "During Round 2, my goal will be to take down all the teams that defeated us in Round 1"

Team MVP continues to perform beyond expectations and takes down ROX Tigers with a score of 2-0.

On the 6th of March, MVP shed the veil that marked them a "weak team" by taking down ROX Tigers. Taking game 1 wasn't easy, as MVP was behind by about 10k gold in the early game. But after tasting victory over a few fights, they rode the momentum to take the victory. In the following game, MVP played near flawlessly. Today's victory was achieved with skills and skills alone. 

After the series, the two MVP titlists, Pilot and Ian were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster - along with Beyond who had shown great teamwork with the rest of the team.

Please tell us how you feel about today's victory.

Pilot: I'm really glad that we escaped relegations through today's match. 

Ian: Personally speaking, I think my teammates did much better than I did - especially Pilot. Today's victory was achieved thanks to them.

Things didn't look too bright for you guys in game 1. How was the situation like?

Pilot: Everyone was struggling, but I wasn't completely shut off. That's why I kept reassuring the team throughout the game that I'll carry.

Ian: After having been caught out, the flow of the game started going against us, just by a little bit. I had faith in Pilot - that he'll be able to carry us - so I just did what I needed to do.

You displayed great performance in game 2. Many people were impressed during that game. What do you think?

Ian: To be honest, whenever I play, I never compliment myself or see myself as a great player. So during the game, I didn't think too much of it... but after the series, everyone came over and gave me compliments, so it confused me a little bit. The early-game superplay in game 1 was thanks to Beyond, and the reason I was able to perform the way I did in the mid-game was thanks to Max's shotcalls. It's all thanks to my teammates, really.

Pilot, your performance on Ezreal was very impressive in game 2. We also spotted you purchasing and selling The Dark Seal repeatedly. 

Pilot: I recalled and had exactly 350 gold left. I didn't need a longsword, so I tried The Dark Seal. I got the gut feeling that we'd win when I got my 10 stacks.

You guys made an announcement in the past that MVP is making donations - depending on the number of kills that you guys secure in a winning game. You've all collected about $440 now.

Pilot: We'll get more kills and donate even more.

You were sitting down crisscrossed... is there a specific meaning to that?

Pilot: The studio chairs are very comfy, so I just naturally sat like that...

Ian, were there any memorable in-game moments today?

Ian: When I went to the toplane to take down the turret there? It was a play that I thought up of on my own, so it felt really great.

You guys have moved up in the standings now and have escaped relegations. How does it feel?

Pilot: We escaped with our own strengths, instead of depending on other teams to lose. So yeah, it feels extremely good.

Your next opponent is Jin Air Green Wings. Please tell us about the upcoming match.

Ian: JAG is a team that we had lost to during Round 1, so I really want to defeat them. During Round 2, my goal will be to take down all the teams that defeated us in Round 1.

Beyond, you had fantastic teamwork with the rest of the team today.

Beyond: Today's match went well for us thanks to Ian performing so well.

Many fans are actually curious about this... how tall are you? You seem taller than expected.

Pilot: I used to be at 180cm. The fans have been telling me that I've gotten even taller... so I should be around... maybe 181cm?

Any last words?

Beyond: Thank you so much for cheering for always cheering for us. You guys were a big help to us since you've all smiled and cheered for us even during our most difficult times. We'll pay back the favor by displaying a great game next time.

Pilot: Thank you always for coming to watch our games. To pay back the favor, I want to climb higher!

Ian: Thank you for visiting. We were pretty outstanding in Round 2, right? I want to continue to show good form - to the point where people want to watch us play because we're entertaining.

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