Peanut: "Bdd was concerned about playing against Faker's Cassiopeia since yesterday. They banned the champion themselves"

On the 6th of March, Kingzone DragonX had completely dominated SKT T1 with a score of 2-0. While playing in the very first LCK match with patch 8.4, KZ showed the fans flawless tactics that had completely pushed SKT to their limits. In game 1, KZ played midlane Sion along with Thresh in the botlane, and at a very quick pace choked SKT. In the following game, Peanut's Olaf was truly astounding; netting 7 kills at 13 minutes into the game.

After the series, the two players who won today's MVP title, GorillA and Peanut, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster - along with a special guest, Khan.


Can you tell us how you feel about today's victory?

GorillA: We always showed signs of struggle when playing on a new patch, but today, things played out according to what we practiced. I'm glad.

Peanut: I think we struggled in the past because we tried planning way too many things ahead of time [in preparation for a new patch]. This time around, we only focused on a few, and it worked out. 

GorillA: The preparation to bring midlane Sion and Olaf were one of the few things that we really focused on.

In game 1, we questioned the synergy between Sion and Thresh when the two were picked.

GorillA: I've been thinking to prepare Thresh for a while now - especially because I've put him to good use before against SKT. When playing Thresh, you need to have good teamwork with your jungler. Peanut and I had great teamwork today.

Peanut: It was GorillA that made all the early kills possible. It was thanks to him that the game played out as smoothly as it did.

GorillA: Peanut used to be disobedient and didn't listen to his teammates. Well, he does now. He's gotten a lot better.

You scored 11 kills with Olaf. I was very surprised.

Peanut: I was surprised myself... everything played out so well today. As for the shotcalls, as long as we fought where I was, we won no matter what, so I told my teammates to wait for me if a fight is about to break out.

We spotted Bdd making a big smile after seeing the Cassiopeia ban. Why?

Peanut: Since yesterday, Bdd was concerned about playing against Faker's Cassiopeia. He must've felt great because SKT banned the champion themselves.

Out of the many kills you made with Olaf, which one was the most memorable?

Peanut: The first gank. Bdd planned out the gank route and had set everything in place for me. I just went in for the kill.

There is a saying that the only worry fans have about Kingzone is the team's players' health. How is everyone doing at the moment?

GorillA: I used to get sick all the time... but Khan is having it worse than me, so I was very concerned about him. I think he's gotten better now though.

Khan: I'm doing my best to take care of my body. I'm glad that I was able to show how healthy I was through today's match.

Please tell your fans to not worry!

Khan: I'm currently working out with Peanut to take care of my body more. Please don't worry about me!

Peanut: I want to try different exercises, but all we ever do is run...

Khan: It's better than nothing.

Any last words for the fans?

Khan: I'm not afraid to play against anyone. I'll show good performance.

GorillA: We won't be satisfied with our current performance. We'll continue to improve and play even better.

Peanut: We'll remain focused for the remaining matches of the Spring Split. We'll show better performance.

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