SKT Faker on kkOma Maining Teemo: "His mechanics have been deteriorating. However, Teemo doesn't require great mechanics"

In the most important moment - to ensure their future in the LCK Spring Split - SKT T1 defeated Jin Air Green Wings with a score of 2-1. Sang-Hyeok "Faker" Lee played Zoe throughout the series and exerted performance matching that of a World Champion. 

We then ran into an opportunity to hear from him in detail about the match and his solo queue champion recommendation in the current meta.

You've defeated JAG with a score of 2-1. Please tell us how you feel about the victory.

Today's match was very important, so I'm glad that we were able to win. But even still, we have a long way to go, so I'll be thinking about how to overcome the upcoming challenges. 

In the final phase of game 1, you and your entire team engaging the enemy Nexus with Ryze's ultimate was very bold but impressive nonetheless. What kind of shotcalls went back and forth for such a clutch play to happen?

At the time, we were sieging up on the enemy team, looking for an opening to hit the Nexus - especially because we still had a lot of time left on our Baron buff. 

While waiting for an opportunity, we found one, and that's why I opened up with the ultimate.

The champion that you shined on in games 2 and 3, Zoe, is set to be nerfed in the upcoming patch. Have you found a champion that can replace her?

Although a number of items saw changes in 8.4, I don't think the meta will shift in a major way. Whatever the case may be, I'm good at finding new and useful champions, so I think I'll end up playing a number of champions in 8.4.

Looking at your recent match history of solo queue games, you've been playing champions like midlane Ornn and Jarvan...

Midlane champions nowadays are fairly boring, so I started taking a liking to "all-in" champions.

To the Inven community users, can you recommend a champion to play in solo queue?

(While looking at Thal) What's there to recommend?

According to Thal, "Swain" is very good at the moment. (Laughs)

Head coach kkOma has been playing a lot of Teemo recently. What's your opinion on the matter?

Our head coach's mechanics have been deteriorating. However, our friend, Teemo, doesn't require great mechanics. I think that's why he's been playing a lot of Teemo.

You're well-known for not using any skins. However, you've been using a lot of emotes lately. 

One of my viewers recommended me to try and use it, so I bought some to try it. I found it to be pretty okay.

▲ Pengu SWAG (Source: Faker's stream)

Pirean and Leo, the two new players that just recently joined SKT - how are they adapting to the team?

Those two guys have been practicing an extreme amount. It's great to see that.

While looking at the SKT organization's official Youtube channel, I noticed that you're about bronze-skilled in 'Crazy Arcade' (An old Korean arcade game similar to that of Bomberman). Can you explain?

I played it when I was young, but it's been so long that I think I lost my touch. 


You'll soon be facing Kingzone DragonX and KT Rolster. Those two upcoming matches won't be easy. Please tell us about it.

Currently, our team needs to win as much as we can. 

Even if we manage to make playoffs, it will be in vain if we don't improve our performance. So we'll be doing just that - try and improve our performance as much as we can. 

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