MVP ADD on Swain: "Now, with enough research, he's good enough to be first-picked"

MVP performed beyond expectations and took down KSV to shake up the LCK standings. Throughout the series, MVP played aggressively and pushed KSV into a corner. In game 1, MVP played Swain, a champion that hasn't been played competitively in the LCK in exactly 579 days. Through the unique Swain pick, ADD net himself the MVP title - even beating out Pilot who scored a pentakill in the same game. In the final game, Ian's Azir shined the brightest.

After the series, the two MVP titlists of the series were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

How do you feel taking today's victory?

ADD: Usually, I don't make outstanding plays or stay alive for as long as I did... I'm very satisfied with how I played despite my poor bodily conditions. While on the way here, I drank some water and my stomach started acting up. I'm really glad I performed though I was sick. 

It must feel amazing.

ADD: Today is very meaningful since I received my very first MVP title.

Ian, you've been having a hard time recently. But today, you were truly amazing.

Ian: I was in very good condition! I was filled with so much positive energy that I even threw some winnable games. 

Your pose for the MVP titlist photo was quite... cool.

Ian: That pose is my personal favorite. I think it came out pretty ugly this time though. (Laughs)

▲ Ian's favorite pose

We can't NOT talk about Swain today. It's been 579 days since Swain made an appearance on LCK stage. And surprisingly, Ian, you were the last player to have played him before today! Just what kind of research went in on the attempt to have Swain brought out on stage?

ADD: I ended up playing him once and the results came out good - also, he fits perfectly into my playstyle. So I ended up trying him against a number of champions, and now, with enough research, he's good enough to be first-picked.

Swain has only appeared once each in both Turkey and Brazil.

ADD: Usually, we receive recommendations or hear rumors about a champion. Then, we play the champion to see if it's viable in the competitive scene. We ended up picking up Swain because I really like his kit. He became much more aesthetically pleasing after the update, so I think he's much better to play now than before.

In game 3, Ian picked Azir. It seemed like he was picked very carefully.

Ian: We were considering many different picks, but picking Azir was the safest route.

Despite it being a safe pick, Azir was very destructive throughout the whole set!

Ian: I played very courageously. I ended up taking full advantage of the enemies' mistakes, and also, the jungler backed me up at all the crucial moments. My teammates set everything up for me, and I think that's why I was able to perform the way I did.

We had a hard time voting for the MVP titlist because of Pilot's pentakill. Can you tell us how you feel about it?

Pilot: I did score a number of pentakills here in the LCK, but I didn't expect to score one today. It was only possible thanks to my teammates diving the fountain. In the final moments, Rakan survived, so I asked my teammates who were attacking the Nexus for help.

Did you always have bad eyesight?

Pilot: It was bad, but I had Lasik eye surgery and had it fixed. However, MVP's team color is all about the "glasses", so I wear one when I'm with them.

That's a sacrifice made for the team. How do you feel about it, Ian?

Ian: I like it. (Laughs)

You continuously picked Caitlyn today. People have been regarding highly of Caitlyn even in patch 8.4. 

Pilot: I just... really wanted to play her today. I've been telling my coach since yesterday, "I want to play Caitlyn."

What are team MVP's favorite dinner menu and late-night snacks?

Pilot: Pizza. We don't order from big-time brands either, we just order one from a store from around the neighborhood.

Ian: We normally eat Hawaiian pizza. A lot of people dislike it because of the pineapples, but this pizza... it's really tasty.

Any last words?

Pilot: I'm relieved a little bit thanks to our win today... we'll show an even greater performance in our next match.

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