SKT Blossom: "Things turn out well as long as I listen to my teammates"

SKT T1 took another step closer to securing their spot in the upcoming LCK Spring Split Playoffs by taking down JAG. To SKT that had recently lost to AFs, today's victory couldn't have been more valuable. As for JAG, although they put up a fight, it wasn't enough to stop SKT.

After the series, the two players who won the MVP title for today's match, Bang and Blossom, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

Today's victory was hard-fought.

Bang: We had lost to JAG in Round 1, in addition, our team would've been put in a very bad spot had we lost today... that's why I was very nervous. I can't even imagine how nervous Blossom was at the time.

In the player-cams, we saw Bang comforting Blossom. 

Blossom: Although I was very nervous and in the end, disappointed in my own plays, my teammates, and head coach helped me relax. He constantly gave me a shoulder rub to keep me from shaking.

Bang, you're well-known to keep a stone face. Today, maybe it was because the booth was hot, but you were frowning from time to time. 

Bang: Things would've turned very badly for our team had we lost today. I was doing my best to win no matter what - same as what the head coach told us to do. I think that's why I was very nervous, to begin with.

During the final phase of game 1, JAG's retaliation was very fierce. What kind of calls went back and forth between you and your teammates?

Bang: At that time, Ryze was caught out. If we had attacked the Nexus after completely ignoring Ryze, we would've won straight then and there. But due to our misjudgment, we tried to save Ryze and faced a deficit. In the very final moment, the reason why we attacked the Nexus after using the Ryze ultimate was that Untara and Faker imposed the idea.

Did Blossom also share ideas during game 1?

Blossom: I think things only went well for me today because I listened to my teammates. I only have to listen to them, and things would go well. The only shotcalls I would've made was to fight - so the game would've gone in the wrong direction. I'm currently learning to make my own calls. I believe the day will come when I'll make the calls myself!

What was the reason for picking Zac?

Blossom: Out of the few jungle champions that we could've picked, the head coach told me to pick one that I was confident in playing. So I chose Zac.

Was there a moment where you were impressed by your own play?

Blossom: Not really... I only played well thanks to my teammates.

Anything to tell your fans?

Bang: We're slowly improving... and later on, we'll do our best to get on par with the top teams of the LCK. If we manage to make playoffs, I think that's when we'll start showing even greater form.

After hugging Faker, did the relationship between you two get better?

Blossom: I really like my teammates, so naturally, I always had good relationships with them. At the time of hugging Faker, I didn't think much of it, but after rewatching the VOD, I noticed that he was shy about the whole thing.

Please give us your final words about the upcoming games.

Blossom: Our current performance of still far from the past SKT T1, but if I adapt well to the team - I mean, in general, SKT is just really strong when playing in an important match. As long as I improve, I think we'd be set. Next time, I'll perform better - good enough to receive a compliment for losing - for gracefully losing.

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