ROX Lava: "Since Stopwatch is nerfed and there will be less wards, more assassins might appear."

On the 3rd of March (KST) in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, ROX Tigers defeated bbq Olivers 2-0. Kim “Lava” Tae-hoon played Zoe and Azir and performed well, dealing a lot of damage in both matches.

The following is the interview with Lava.

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Q. You’re placed 4th now. How do you feel?

We needed today’s victory to get closer to the postseason. I’m happy that we won 2-0.

Q. bbq Olvers beat Kingzone before. How did you prepare today’s match?

We were also on a good run so we thought that if we didn’t make any mistakes, we’ll win.

Q. You’re really good at Zoe. What’s your secret?

I really practiced Zoe a lot. Zoe’s still a good champion if used properly. She needs to be played with natural instinct. There’s not much tips, you just need to play her often.

Q. Do you prefer playing confidently?

Yes, but today, there was a few dangerous moments because I was overly confident.

Q. We’re curious of the source of your momentum and the team’s good atmosphere.

I think it’s because we’re all doing well. The bottom lane is good, and the top and jungler made improvements. I think I made improvements as well.

Q. The next matches are against MVP and Afreeca Freecs. Are you confident of winning?

We can win if we don’t make mistakes.

Q. Your teamwork is a lot better than before. How did you make up such synergy?

After coach Kim Jin-hyeon came, he taught us a lot of the macro game. We put in a lot of effort as well, so we became better as a team.

Q. Starting next week, it’s in the 8.4 version. How do you think it will affect the mid lane?

Since Stopwatch is nerfed and there will be less wards, more assassins might appear. Zoe won’t be seen anymore, but I’m good at Fizz, Ekko and Talon, so I’m confident.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

I’ll do my best to climb up higher, so please keep supporting us.


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