ROX Key: "Zoe's nerf doesn't matter much because Lava is good at Ekko and Fizz."

On the 3rd of March (KST), in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, ROX Tigers defeated bbq Olivers 2-0.

In the first game, Lava picked Zoe and affected other lanes as well. After taking charge of the lanes, they were able to take more objectives and towers. One of the most important moments was a teamfight near the middle. Zoe deleted Varus and won the teamfight in no time. After taking Baron, they marched to the enemy Nexus and finished the game.

In game 2, bbq moved a bit more quickly. After getting a kill at top lane by ganking, they had the initiative but were rather passive, avoiding fights. During that time, ROX gained enough time to grow and took back the initiative by winning a teamfight. Even though bbq defended quite well around their inhibitors, after losing consecutively near Baron and Elder, they gave up the victory.

The following is the interview of today’s MVPs, Lava and Key.

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Q. You’re back at 4th with today’s victory. How do you feel?

Key: I think we learned to play the macro game and to be consistent. I think we’re winning because we’re doing what we need to do.


Q. Lava seems to be more comfortable doing the interview.

Lava: I’m getting used to it now.

Q. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Lava: I’m satisfied with game 1, but game 2 is a bit regretful because I made many mistakes.

Q. You played Zoe in game 1. Was it the coaching staff’s decision?

Lava: They suggested it and I was also quite confident on playing Zoe.

Q. Your Sleepy Trouble Bubble is unbelievably accurate. Do you have any tips?

Lava: I think I’m winning a lot with Zoe, so I’m confident. The confidence makes me hit the E skill better.

Q. If Zoe gets nerfed in the patch, one of Lava’s best champions will be disappearing. Would it be alright?

Key: Zoe's nerf doens't matter much because Lava is good at weird champions. He plays Ekko and Fizz well. Even if the next version comes, it’s rather better because he can play something different.

Q. You got the first blood by roaming in game 1.

Lava: When I use the jungle route when I go roaming, the opponent top laner often doesn’t know. I think that’s why it went well.

Q. Rumor says that Lindarang, SeongHwan and Lava practices until 6 o’clock in the morning.

Key: I don’t know if they’re practicing or playing, but they are awake at that time. (Laughs)

Q. How about Sangyoon and Key?

Key: We sleep because we’re old. (Laughs) We practice hard when we need to and we rest well during rest time.

Q. Are you actually practicing up to 6 in the morning?

Lava: We do practice, and sometimes we play. Normally we play. (Laughs) The coach must have been exaggerating.

Q. SeongHwan played Olaf jungle. Did he think he deserved MVP?

Key: SeongHwan was confident of playing Olaf jungle during practice. He said “If I play Olaf, I’ll probably get MVP.” but Peanut played Olaf in the match before us. SeongHwan said ‘if I played Olaf first, I would have gotten MVP.’

Q. How was game 2?

Key: The opponent banned Tahm Kench and played champions with a lot of CC like Varus, Leona and Skarner. We became more passive and tried to cut off anybody that was apart from their team. I think we won because the game went well.

Q. Illaoi doesn’t appear that much. Were you confident?

Lava: Lindarang practiced Illaoi a lot against Ornn, and he was good. We were always ready to play him and since they picked Ornn, we picked Illaoi.

Q. Key always initiates teamfights well?

Key: Well, I die often while I do. I need to do some research on initiating teamfights without dying. (Laughs)

Lava: It’s convenient for us to deal damage because of him.

Q. Some said that ROX will go to the relegation match during the early season.

Lava: At first we thought so too. It’s a lot better now.

Key: We’re now looking at the post season, not the relegation match. I’m not worried about the relegation match.

Q. Coach Kang Hyun-jong said that he’ll get married if ROX gets to Worlds. Do you think you’ll be able to go to Worlds this year?

Key: If we overcome our weaknesses, we can because we have enough impact.

Q. Any last comments?

Lava: Thank you for cheering us, we’ll do our best to make good results. Please keep on supporting us.

Key: Now it’s already the middle of round 2. We’ll make good results in the rest of the matches.

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