KZ PraY: "We'll be playing against SKT in a new version... I know that they won't let us through easy."

On the 3rd of March, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX defeated Kongdoo Monster 2-0 and collected their 10th victory. Kim “Pray” Jong-in played Ezreal in game 1 and dealt the most damage.

The following is the interview with PraY.

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Q. You won 2-0. How do you feel?

We wanted to have a firm lead at first place by beating the low-ranked teams. Although we made mistakes, I’m happy that we won today.

Q. The remaining schedule is quite busy. Do you think you can maintain your current pace?

The teams we played against weren’t weak, but the teams to come are very strong. Even if our set score is quite good, I want to win no matter what, even if it’s not 2-0. I’ll prepare well.

Q. Why did you pick Ezreal in game 1?

Ezreal is a champion that isn’t as good as before, but still isn’t bad. After talking with the coaching staff, we decided that he was one of the better picks of the remaining champions.

Q. There was a mistake in game 2, how was that situation?

I think the laning phase went well because I did well, but there was an accident because I was greedy for CS. After that, the opponents took the lead.

Q. The next match is against SKT T1. It might not be as easy as Round 1.

We’ll be playing against SKT in a new version. The picks & bans will change so we’ll prepare well. I know that they won’t let us through easy.

Q. Don’t you want to pick a stronger champion at the bottom lane?

Being strong in the bottom lane isn’t just one thing, if I make good synergy with my support, any champion can be strong. I don’t have any specific champion that I want to pick first.

Q. The MSI will be held in France. You will probably be wanting to get there.

There’s still some time left. The spring split finals is first. We need to maintain our performance and win the split first, and then comes MSI.

Q. Any last comments?

The coaching staff did a lot of research on picks & bans. I think we’re able to maintain 1st place because of their effort. Thank you for always supporting us.

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