KZ Peanut: "I asked Huni and coach Ssong about Olaf before playing him."

The gap between first place and last was big. On the 3rd of March (KST) in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, Kingzone DragonX (KZ) defeated Kongdoo Monster (KDM) 2-0 and collected their 10th win.

The first game was very one-sided. Peanut started rolling the snowball by ganking the bottom lane. While the snowball was rolling, KDM also tried to strike back by killing Bdd’s Azir. However, KZ’s macro game was better and they were able to accumulate more gold even though they had the same number of kills. KDM again cut off Azir and went for Baron but Peanut stole it and the game went on to an end.

In game 2, KDM had a good start. Ssol killed PraY and they were able to clear the bottom tower first and made a strong defense line at mid lane making KZ hard to split push. However, KZ started concentrating more and the game started tilting back to KZ’s side. Once KZ took the lead, they attacked very aggressively. KDM once killed four of KZ’s players, but it wasn’t enough to turn the game back around.

After the match, Peanut and Bdd were voted as MVPs and were interviewed by OGN.

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Q. You’ve got your 10th win today. How do you feel?

Bdd: Game 2 was a bit shaky, but it’s a relief that we won. We’ll have to adjust the problems for the next match.

Q. What made it shaky?

Bdd: The shotcalls were messy and the game just didn’t go as we thought.

Peanut: Game 2 made me restless even if I was watching from the outside.

Q. When you watch in the waiting room, do you give much feedback?

Peanut: If we watch in the waiting room, we can talk about more things since we see the opponent’s vision too.

Q. You picked Olaf today. What made you pick him?

Peanut: We suffered to Olaf in a scrim, and then I asked Huni and coach Ssong about Olaf before playing him. They said in the NA LCS, it’s a pick that is played quite often. So I tried it out during practice and I thought it was quite alright.

Q. You gave up Skarner and took Olaf. Was it intended?

Peanut: One of the biggest advantages would be not dying to Skarner’s ult in the mid-jungle fights. I think it’s a good pick if you start off well.

Q. Do you have any tips for Olaf jungle?

Peanut: Movement speed is quite important and when it’s blue start, using smite first is better.

Q. You played Taliyah often, but didn’t today.

Bdd: Taliyah is good, but it’s not that easy to pick first because of LeBlanc. So I played Ryze.

Q. In game 1, you almost gave up Baron after Bdd died, but Peanut stole it. Did you think that you can steal it?

Peanut: I thought it was possible. They really needed that Baron so I was advantageous in the mind game. Recently I lost a lot of objective smite fights so I lost a lot of confidence, but since I won today, I’ll be more confident.

Q. After Baron, PraY stopped the opponents from recalling. Was it a team call?

Bdd: I said that I saw Sion in the brush, and PraY went in. I did think that there will be 3 people there; I think I shouldn’t have said that I saw him.

Peanut: We did think that they were gathered in one spot. I think he died because he used quicksilver sash too early.

Q. PraY plays Ezreal often. As a teammate, how do you think he is?

Peanut: PraY played Ezreal really often since Najin. I think Bang and PraY are the best Ezreals in the LCK.

Q. How is the Ryze-Cassiopeia matchup?

Bdd: Cassiopeia isn’t that advantageous anymore. Ryze is good enough to play against her.

Q. Any last comments?

Peanut: The next match is in the 8.4 version. I’m a bit worried because we don’t have that much time to prepare for it, but we’ll adapt well and bring good results.

Bdd: Our performance wasn’t perfect today, but we’ll play better in the next match.

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