KZ Bdd: "If the player thinks it’s good, and does research and practice, any champion is good enough."

On the 28th of February (KST), Kingzone DragonX (KZ) shutout MVP 2-0 and secured their place at top. Early in game 1, KZ allowed a few blows to MVP and had a hard time, but soon retrieved their performance and were able to come up on top. In game 2, KZ dominated MVP thoroughly and confirmed their victory.

After the game, KZ jungler Peanut and mid laner Bdd were voted as MVP and were interviewed.


Q. It’s your second win in round 2. How do you feel?

Peanut: We lost to bbq, and MVP had beat bbq. So we thought that we need to be careful of them and prepare really well.

Bdd: It was a fun match, I’m happy that everyone did well.

Q. In the early game, the opponent jungle came to the top lane often. What did Khan say about it?

Peanut: We told him we’ll be making them pay in other lanes if he has a hard time at top. We all know that if I’m not able to go to top lane, I take profit in other parts. In game 1, I think it was a mistake. Khan and I had small misunderstandings. We each made mistakes.

Q. Leona appeared again today. Was it because of the synergy with Galio?

Bdd: Our champions were very steady. We wanted to make the opponents play less freely.

Q. Poppy stole your drake. It was a 3-run homer.

Peanut: It’s difficult to use smite these days. I gathered my thoughts during the game, and I’m trying to avoid smite-fights these days. The one with Poppy, I just thought that we were unlucky.

Q. The game was paused for a while during game 1. We heard a weird shriek during the break. What was it?

Peanut: Because the pause was too long, Khan started shouting random sounds to lighten the mood. The fans were getting tired and they had a good laugh.

Q. What did he say?

Bdd: He opened the door slightly saying “So everyone can hear, right?” and screamed “Uahhhhh!!!”

Q. You picked Skarner in game 2. How is Skarner these days?

Peanut: I talked with the other players during the Lunar New Year break and many said that Skarner is really good. I started practicing then.

Q. Ekko was quite surprising too.

Bdd: Ekko is good in the mid-jungle fight and I thought that he’s really good against Zoe.

Q. In the 8.3 version, Azir and Zoe isn’t as good, and Taliyah is being picked a lot more than before. What do you think about this?

Bdd: I think it depends on each player. Even if some people say that champion isn’t good, if the player thinks it’s good, and does research and practice, any champion is good enough.

Q. Tomorrow is Bdd’s birthday. Do you have any plans?

Bdd: We still have a lot of matches left. I think I’ll need to practice. Thanks. (Laughs)

Q. (To Peanut) Are you giving him a present? Did you not know?

Peanut: I did know before the match. There maybe something for him if we get back to the gaming house.

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

Bdd: Some fans brought me a lunch box because it’s my birthday. It was really good. Thank you. I’ll try hard to keep on winning.

Peanut: We have matches right up close, so I’ll continue to do my best. Thank you to the fans who congratulated my 3rd year. Thank you!


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