BBQ IgNar: "It felt like I saw what happens 30 seconds later, so I went in with confidence."

On the 28th of February, bbq Olivers defeated Jin Air Green Wings 2-0. The two teams were placed 8th and 7th, respectively, the match result was very important for both teams.

After the match, Crazy, who played Ornn in both games 1 and 2, and IgNar who performed very well with Leona and Rakan were voted as MVP and were interviewed.

Q. You won today, how do you feel?

Crazy: Today’s match was important, it felt like the relegation match. I’m happy that we won. We’ll go on and do our best in the next match too.

IgNar: I feel comfortable. If we lost this match, we might have to play the relegation match. It’s a relief that we won.

Q. There was a lot of teamfights.

Crazy: We played champions that had a lot of CC and ones that were good at initiating teamfights, so we had to fight often.

Q. How was JAG bottom duo?

IgNar: I thought that their bottom was really good, but I thought we’ll do better if I’m able to pick a champion that’s good for initiating teamfights.

Q. Why did you play Leona in game 1?

IgNar: Leona is a champion that I’ve loved from Worlds, and I played her well in scrims. I don’t think I was really good today, but thank goodness we won.

Q. Recently, there are many tank champions in the top lane. Which champion do you like the most?

Crazy: It depends. Sion is good in the laning phase but gets weaker as the game goes. As for Ornn, the cooldown for his ultimate is quite short, so it’s really good.

Q. In a recent video, IgNar was shotcalling very intensively. Are you always like that?

IgNar: Sometimes, I sort of lose my mind during matches. I don’t remember after the game is over. It doesn’t happen when we practice, but sometimes happens in competitions.

Q. Illaoi was picked by JAG in game 2. How was he?

Crazy: I thought that the matchup wasn’t too bad, but I had a hard time early in the game. After we killed him once, it became a lot more easier to play against him. I’ve tried playing Illaoi a few times in scrims, but I don’t think he’s that good of a champion.

Q. At the end of game 2, IgNar initiated a fight from the back. Wasn’t that very dangerous?

IgNar: If I died, we probably would have lost. (Laughs) But that moment, it felt like I saw what happens 30 seconds later, so I went in with confidence. I think that’s why we were able to win.

Q. What do you think about IgNar’s decisions like this?

Crazy: I don’t want to meet him as an enemy.

Q. Any last comments?

Crazy: We lost quite a few matches that we ought to win, thank you for supporting us.

IgNar: I’m happy that I’ve gained a lot of Korean fans, after coming back to Korea. Thank you. I know there’s not that many, but to the foreign fans, thank you guys, thank you.

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