ROX Lava: "I learned a lot from watching Faker and Bdd play Zoe"

ROX Tigers added another victory to their record.

On the 27th, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 26th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, ROX took down KT Rolster with a score of 2-0. With this win, ROX is now 6-5 in the LCK leaderboard.

Often times throughout the split, ROX attacked relentlessly in the early-game only to lose later - not being able to handle the enemies' retaliation. But today, ROX played conservatively and dismantled KT at a slow but effective pace. In game 1, Lava secured kills all over the map, helping his team snowball. KT attempted to retaliate, but Tahm Kench constantly saved his teammates with devour and gave KT no opening. Deft's Caitlyn's range was also inferior and therefore, ineffective to ROX's Zoe. In the end, ROX took the victory.

ROX continued making aggressive plays in game 2 but was off to a bad start due to KT's counter-attacks - they gave up 2 kills in the early stages of the game. However, ROX's continued ganks and Thresh's clutch roams put them back into the game. Later in the game, KT wasn't able to stop ROX from securing Baron, and they were taken down with ease. 

Today's performance was perhaps ROX's best this split. 

After the series, the two players who won the MVP title for today's series were invited for an interview.


ROX Sangyoon on Kalista: "With her changes, I don't think she'll ever make an appearance in competitive play"

KT is placed high in the standings... also, their players are all very well-known. It must've been difficult trying to prepare for today's match.

Lava: All the players in my team were in good condition. Also, we've been winning a lot recently, so I was thinking that as long as we don't make any mistakes, we'd win.

In game 1, every one of ROX performed well. Who expected to receive the MVP title after the game?

SeongHwan: In game 1, everyone played well - except me.

Wait, you aren't satisfied with your performance in game 1?

SeongHwan: There isn't a specific scene that I dislike, but... I think everyone performed really well, but I think I was lacking a little bit...

After losing 3 consecutive times while playing Zoe, you've now won your 4th consecutive series! What changed? Did you change the way you practice?

Lava: After our losing streak, I felt that I was playing really badly. Therefore, I started spectating other players' games. I also increased the amount of my practice in scrims and solo queue. I think that effort caused us to go on this winning streak.

Which players did you spectate?

Lava: I watched Faker's and Bdd's Zoe. They were really good with Zoe during the laning phase. I learned a lot from watching them play.

Have you formed your own unique playstyle to Zoe now?

Lava: To a certain extent, yes, I think so.

ROX's teamwork in game 1 was really good. What do you think?

SeongHwan: I think I was carried by my team in game 1.

The most memorable moment in game 1?

SeongHwan: After destroying the enemy's midlane tower with the Rift Herald, I dove the enemy team. I think that play was the best one that I've made so far. I made sure Lava scaled well into the late game with that play. (Laughs)

Lava: Everyone played well. I don't think there was any special moment.

There was a 3 vs 4 fight in the botlane, and you guys completely killed off the enemy.

Lava: My teammates had already whittled down the enemy champions' health, so I had an easy time killing them. 

Tahm Kench also saved you with devour.

Lava: That play was really good.

In comparison to game 1, SeongHwan's play in game 2 was near perfect. What do you think?

SeongHwan: Pawn took Heal instead of Cleanse, so I mainly targeted his lane. As long as Azir's ultimate was on cooldown, Lava and I had the power necessary to kill him swiftly. In the end, it worked out really nicely for us.

You guys were off to a bad start in game 2. What caused your team to retake the lead and win?

SeongHwan: Thresh constantly roamed and supported the team throughout the map. After winning a couple of teamfights, we were able to snowball.

Picking both Thresh and Taliyah for a team composition mustn't have been an easy one to play.

Lava: We had lost a midlane fight at first... Also, it became more difficult for us after Shen hit 6. But then, Thresh started joining the fights in midlane, and I think that's how we were able to win with ease.

SeongHwan: Due to Shen, the fights in the midlane were 2 vs 3. But as Thresh came for backup, it became a 3 vs 3. As long as the numbers were even on both sides, there was no way that we'd lose. That's why we kept on calling him for fights. 

*Lindarang was invited to the interview*

(Fan Question) Lindarang's signature 'thumbs up' pose has been getting a lot of attention recently.

Lindarang: I prefer to give a thumbs up over making a 'V' with my fingers. I think it's surreal how it has caught so much attention from the fans. 

What pose do SeongHwan and Lava prefer to make in front of the cameras?

SeongHwan: I don't really have a preferred pose... I guess I prefer to 'V' pose.

Lava: I also prefer the 'V' pose. 

Any last words for the fans?

Lindarang: In Round 2, we'll keep up the performance that we displayed today. We'll become a team that'll receive a lot of thumbs up from the fans.

Lava: I want to thank our team's coaches for making us perform like this. We'll prepare well for our next match and make good results.

SeongHwan: Our record in Round 1 wasn't that bad, but we'll do our best to make better results in Round 2.

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