kt Deft: "I was furious because of Teddy's penta-kill."

The winner of the bottom dominates the game.

On the 25th of February (KST), kt Rolster (kt) defeated Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) 2-1 and took their first victory in round 2. With the victory, kt stood on a solid base near the top of the leaderboard.

In game 1, JAG selected Lucian top lane and tried to make variables but kt jungler, Score endured several critical situations and as Mata’s Rakan countered Skarner’s ultimate continuously, kt stacked their benefits to secure their win. In game 2, SoHwan’s Gangplank played well against Smeb’s Gnar. Although the matchup was disadvantageous for SoHwan, he scaled faster than Smeb and helped other lanes using his ultimate. With the help of SoHwan, Teddy grew explosively and recorded a penta-kill to return the game back to tie score.

In game 3, JAG was the team that took command first as SoHwan’s Trundle put much pressure on Smeb’s Cho’gath. However, everything changed as kt’s bottom duo killed their opponents with CC chains. With quick movements at mid and bottom lanes, kt took the lead in kill score and even the first Baron. After the teamfight near the second Baron, the global gold difference became nearly 10K and shortly after, kt sealed their victory.

The following is the interview of today’s MVPs, kt’s bottom duo, Deft and Mata.


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Q. You won today. How do you feel?

Mata: We had a good run in game 1 so we tried to keep it up in game 2 but it didn’t go as we thought. We were down for a while but I’m happy that we won game 3.

Deft: We had a hard time in game 2, but game 3 went as we prepared. The last game is the most important so I’m happy that we won it.

Q. Many fans talk about the Deft-Teddy ADC rivalry. What do you think about that?

Deft: I was a bit nervous because Teddy has been really good recently. I was furious because of Teddy's penta-kill in game 2, but still, we won.

Q. (To Mata) Did you console Deft when he was furious?

Mata: Deft wasn't feeling good so I told him that it’s alright.

Q. Is there something that you do when Deft feels depressed?

Mata: I just say “It’s alright.” or “Let’s prepare the next game.” even if I don’t really mean it (Laughs).

Q. (To Deft) Does that help?

Deft: Not really. (Laughs)

Q. kt is ranked 2nd behind Kingzone with only a difference of 3 set points. Do you think you can keep up the good performance?

Mata: There are many fans that expect a lot from us like last year. We’re a team that ‘gives and gives’, but I think we’ll be performing well since our performance became more consistent.

Q. Which moment of today would you say that describes ‘gives and gives’?

Deft: I would say the moment when we flashed into the middle of the opponent territory.

Q. In game 1, Mata had 100% kill percentage. Did everything go as you practiced?

Mata: Well, I feed too much when we practice. I think I was really lucky today, since I survived several times with nearly zero HP.

Q. There were several very close escapes today. Who makes the shotcalls?

Mata: Mostly Smeb and Score decide when to penetrate and I usually read the situation in the back.

Q. Which do you think the best moment was in game 3?

Deft: The moment we killed the opponent bottom duo. I became sure of our victory and played with confidence after that. Also, I think when I rooted Caitlyn at the end was really good. Actually, I think we would have won even if I didn’t root her, but still, I think it was cool (Laughs). (Q. Was game 3 more satisfying than game 1?) I made a few mistakes in game 1 but I’m more satisfied with game 3 since I didn’t make any big mistakes.

Q. You’ve accumulated 700 MVP points in this Spring Split along with your 700th kill in LCK. Are you looking forward to becoming the Spring Split MVP?

Deft: Becoming the champion is more important than becoming MVP, but I’ll be grateful if I become the MVP. (Laughs)


Q. It’s the 6th year since your debut and you’ve played in 419 matches. How do you feel?

Score: It’s been 6 years already. I didn’t think I’ll be playing this long. I’ll be playing up to at least my 9th year so please cheer me on until then.

Q. The next match is against ROX Tigers. How will you prepare for that match?

Deft: We always prepare matches thinking that we will win whoever the opponent is. ROX is performing quite well, but we’ll prepare better and take the victory.

Q. There are fans that say Mata is difficult because his facial expressions seem stern. Do you have anything to say to those fans?

Mata: I have sort of a scary impression because I broke a keyboard [at 2016 All-Stars], but I’m always friendly to others. People say that I continue to break keyboards, but that’s a misunderstanding; my hand will be broken first.

Q. Do you have any last comments?

Score: We now have matches every other day, so it will be a bit tiring. Still, we’ll do our best and win all those matches. Thank you to all the fans that congratulated my 6th year anniversary.

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