Ruler's Tip on Varus: "Dominate the opponents from the laning phase, you won’t lose teamfights."

Today’s interview is with KSV’s ADC, Park “Ruler” Jae-hyuk. KSV started off Round 2 of the 2018 LCK Spring Split with a satisfying 2-0 victory over Kongdoo Monster.

Early in the season, KSV was very strong and maintained their reputation as world champions. However, they fell into a losing streak in the middle of the season and finished Round 1 with many regrets. As Round 2 started, they got their revenge against Kongdoo Monster, who made KSV suffer a loss in Round 1.

Ruler played Varus in both games, securing a quadra-kill and showing fans and foes that his Varus is nothing to scoff at. The following is the interview with Ruler.


Q. You’ve escaped from the losing streak and started Round 2 with a win. How do you feel?

Frankly, I’m not fully satisfied with my performance, but I’m happy because we won 2-0 and I saw the chance to develop more.

Q. The Lunar New Year break was near the end of Round 1. How did you spend the break?

It’s a bit embarrassing… I stayed at the team house playing games because the 2-game losing streak was troubling me.

Q. You got a quadra-kill in game 1 with Varus. At the last teamfight, Tahm Kench blocked your escape route with Sion and you were surrounded. There seemed to be a lot of pressure because you didn’t have an escape route. How was that fight?

At that time, I thought that we’d win the fight no matter what, so I didn’t worry too much.

Q. As Targon’s Brace was nerfed, the synergy with Overheal isn’t as good as before. Do you still prefer Overheal over Triumph?

Targon’s Brace and Overheal was quite good. The support players still go with Targon’s Brace so it’s not that much different; I still think Overheal is better. As for Triumph… I think it’s not good.

Q. You played Varus in both games today. Varus is played a lot in Solo Queue as well as in the pro scene; do you have any tips to give to the players who play Solo Queue?

Varus is a champion that’s strong in lane fights. If you take advantage of that and dominate the opponents from the laning phase, you won’t lose teamfights. You can win easily if you win in the lane fights.

Q. The new champion “Kai’sa” was revealed. She seems to be a very stylish champion; how do you think she’ll be?

I haven’t seen the skills yet, but I heard that she’s an ADC champion, so I’m quite interested. I hope Kai’sa comes soon enough so I can try playing her. I like going forward and striking during teamfights, so I think I can have a lot of fun playing her.

Q. Before, CuVee said that Ruler stream snipes whenever he meets PraY. Do you want to say anything in regards to that to defend yourself?

I think PraY talked about it during his stream. I didn’t know at that time but I saw in the LoL Inven board that CuVee had said that. I’ve enjoyed watching PraY’s streams from even when I was an amateur, and I still enjoy his streams, but I do not stream snipe. (Never)

Q. There were many changes in the 8.4 update. How do you think the meta will change?

I played about two games of solo queue today but I think it’s still similar. I’m not sure how the meta will change yet. (Laughs) I think it will be fun.

Q. Any last comments regarding the upcoming matches?

We finally got out of the 3-game losing streak. I’ll be trying hard to become better so please continue to cheer and support us. Thank you for your support!


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