KSV Haru on Removal of Tracker's Knife: "It'll allow me to play more aggressively... it's a good patch for me"

On the 22nd, at the Seoul OGN eStadium, the 23rd day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. Today's match featured KSV and KDM, to which KSV won with a score of 2-0. In game 1, Haru played Camille and displayed aggressive plays. His teamwork with CuVee was also fantastic. 

The following is an interview with Haru.

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How do you feel winning your first match in Round 2?

Although we won, I'm a bit disappointed as I made a lot of mistakes today. 

What were you having issues with, in game 1?

Normally, I make mistakes because I tend to rush a lot... all I had to do was wait a bit... I was too impatient.

I'm curious as to why you guys were on such a long streak. Does it stem from the drop in performance of the individual members?

Since a few weeks ago, our team showed signs. Our shotcalls overlapped, and we weren't able to make basic plays that we were supposed to.

To maintain your team's position in the current LCK standings, today match was very important. How did you prepare for it?

We reevaluated our team's calls and made changes to even the most basic shotcalls. But I still made mistakes. It's something that I need to refine.

Your next opponent is Afreeca Freecs. It's a very important match for, once again, maintaining your position in the standings. What kind of a match are you expecting?

We have a lot of time to prepare for that match. If we try our best during practice, I'm sure that we will be able to recover our performance before the series. 

In the next patch, Tracker's Knife will be removed. What kind of effect do you think this will bring to your team?

It doesn't matter, really. In fact, it'll allow me to play more aggressively. I think it'll be a good patch for me.

Rengar's Q skill has been rolled back. As a Rengar main, what're your opinions regarding this change?

The jungle camps have seen changes since the rework, so I'll have to research a bit more into it. But as I have played Rengar for a long time, I'm pretty sure that I'll quickly adapt to the change.

Thinking realistically, in the LCK standings, which place do you think KSV will end up in at the end of the Spring Split?

I think we'll continue to maintain 3rd or 4th place. 

Compared to last year, your performance has dropped. Anything you want to tell your fans?

Last year, after the Spring Split, I thought about a lot of things. As a result, I barely saw play on stage and even when I did, I played poorly. But now, I'm starting to figure out which direction to take for my playstyle. If I continue to reduce the number of mistakes that I make in-game, I think I'll become more consistent.

Any last words?

Everyone in the team is doing their best to improve. We'll show better performance. 

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