Crown on Viktor: "From among the many champions that don't make an appearance on stage, he's one of the best"

KSV ended their losing streak by defeating KDM with a score of 2-0. The series was filled with aggressive dives from KDM and KSV's fluent macro. After the series, Crown and CuVee, the players who won the MVP title for KSV were invited for an interview with the casters. 

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How do you feel after that victory?

Crown: Had we lost today, we wouldn't have had another chance for revenge in Round 1. I'm glad that we won today.

CuVee, did the recent losing streak personally bother you?

CuVee: I didn't think too much about it. It's because, in time, we'll start winning again. It's necessary to take breaks when needed, so I relaxed over the holidays.

How about you, Crown?

Crown: During practice, I predicted a losing streak to happen... but never expected it to actually happen. It got me down, but some of my lost energy was recovered through today's win.

What did the coaches tell you?

Crown: Because our performance was so lackluster recently, we constantly practiced and were scolded. The coaches are teaching us, and we're learning.

What kind of conversations did you guys have before the game?

CuVee: There was nowhere to fall back to. So we just played without much thinking. If we win, we win. If we lose, we lose. We were trying to maintain a good atmosphere.

Today's match seemed very bloody. How was it?

Crown: In game 1, the enemy team engaged very aggressively. I think we counter played appropriately. It was a really fun game.

In game 1, they constantly looked for opportunities to kill you - and from among their many attempts, you narrowly escaped death a couple of times. 

Crown: My head was clear today so things turned out well. KDM Raise's midlane gank is always sharp and scary, so I constantly kept him in mind while playing. I think I played it out well.

CuVee, you seemed have had a comfortable time today.

CuVee: Since the toplane matchup was hard to care for by other teammates, not much happened up there. I think all the attention was put on midlane, but since Crown played well, there wasn't much for me to worry about.

In game 2, Viktor made an appearance. Your signature pick used to be Viktor... what did you think of it?

Crown: To be honest, it was completely unexpected. It did make me feel good - because I know Viktor so well.

As a Viktor maestro, what's his current stance?

Crown: 'Fleet Footwork' Viktor has already been brought up before, and today, Edge used "Summon Aery". Viktor's playstyle change completely depending on which rune you take. He needs more research. From among the many champions that don't make an appearance on stage, Viktor is one of the best.

CuVee, today's MVP interview is your very first this season. What is the experience of adapting your playstyle to Ambition and Haru like?

CuVee: Trying to adapt my playstyle to the both of them is pretty fun.

You ended your losing streak and took revenge at the same time. Please give your last words to the fans.

Crown: I want to thank all the fans that cheered for us despite our recent losing streak. In Round 2, we'll do our best to not repeat that. Thank you.

CuVee: I want to thank the fans that cheered for us even when we weren't doing so well. We'll do our best to bring out the best in us.

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