ROX Lava: "The coaches thought Ekko was good and suggested to me to play him."

ROX defeated MVP 2-0 and achieved their fifth victory. The MVP of game 1 was mid laner Lava. He played Ekko and delivered outstanding performance to tow his team to victory. The MVP of the following game 2 was for a different laner, Lindarang. His Gnar performed very well and ended ROX’s last game of Round 1 in victory.

After the match, the two solo laners were interviewed.

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Q. You now have a 3-game winning streak. How do you feel?

Lava: It’s a relief that we ended round 1 ranked fifth. We’ll be doing our best to prepare for round 2.

Q. How was your break?

Lindarang: I was a bit sick during the break. I’m alright now.

Q. I heard you had a norovirus infection?

Lindarang: I had a bad stomachache; fortunately everything turned out well.

Q. Are you satisfied with your performance today?

Lindarang: It’s a bit regretful, I could have played more actively in game 1.

Q. Your Ekko was quite impressive. How did you come to pick him?

Lava: The coaches thought Ekko was good and suggested to me to play him. I tried him out in rank games and scrims and the results weren’t bad so I played him today.

Q. Lindarang is very hot and popular recently.

Lindarang: Am I? (Q. Yes, didn’t you know?) Well, I’ve heard about it a little. Someone asked me if I knew while I was streaming so I said that I didn’t know.

Q. Does it feel like everything is working out for you?

Lindarang: (Laughs) Not really, I don’t know. I think it’s better than last year at least.

Q. The Baron steal was awesome. How did it happen?

Lava: We didn’t know that they’ll go for Baron. We were quite surprised at it, but we weren’t much worried because SeongHwan steals Baron well and even if they took Baron, we could still take them all on.

Q. The damage dealt with Ekko was somewhat low. What do you think?

Lava: It’s alright because it’s hard to deal damage with Ekko in the laning phase.

Q. The flow was quite good at top along with Nidalee.

Lindarang: We were both able to grow without much trouble so we didn’t worry much.

Q. It seems that you’re relying more on the upper half than the bottom recently. Is this intended?

Lindarang: It’s not always like that. It may seem like that because the upper half carries the team sometimes.

Q. Now your round 1 is over. How do you think your result is?

Lava: I think it’s better than expected.

Q. ROX is really good recently. What do you think the reason is?

Lindarang: Before the season, it was really bad. The coaches told us to learn what we can learn from the losses. That was kind of a turning point for us. After that, the whole team’s mindset changed.

Lava: We lost a lot before, but now we started to learn how to win. The coaches manage us very well.

Q. Round 1 ended well in victory. Any comments for the fans?

Lava: Thank you to all the fans who support us. We’ll try hard to make good results to show a better ROX Tigers.

Lindarang: I’ll become a top laner that can receive many thumbs-ups. Thank you.

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