CG LirA: "Clutch Gaming wants to be a team like KSV that does not lose to bottom tier teams."

During the last spring season in the NA LCS, LirA performed extremely well and was nominated as the MVP jungler in the LCS. However after moving to Clutch Gaming, LirA had a hard time meeting everyone’s expectations. Although Clutch Gaming had not the best of starts this split, CG still managed to place 4th after the first round of the NA LCS. CG managed to place 4th due to LirA synergizing well with Febiven and finally finding his own pace.

From the looks of things, it seems like LirA is improving in his own performance. Because of this, LirA has also regained some of his previous confidence. LirA stated that he is determined to make it to an international event and perform well.

Below are the responses to Clutch Gaming’s jungler, LirA.

¤ It seems that you have been performing better. Are you feeling more at ease?

Yeah, I have. I am implementing the plays I made in bot lane last year to this split. Because I am doing a style of play I am good at, I’ve regain some confidence. I usually tend to pick a jungler than has less superiority than the enemy jungle pick. Because of this, I had a hard time. Recently I realized that in order for the game to be smooth, I need to play champions that I am comfortable on. I now tend to pick more stronger junglers.

¤ Did you start picking strong junglers because you talked it over with your team?

We didn’t talk about it necessarily. We discussed it just right before the games. I was supposed to play a different jungler, but the circumstances were just right for me to be able to play Skarner. The coaching staff also believed in me and is why I got a chance to pick Skarner.

¤ It seems like the coaching staff trusts you a lot.

Whether it may be practice or picks/bans, it seems like I play better when everyone talks a lot or the mood is a bit more comfortable. I don’t think they entrust me a 100%, but I know they are doing everything they can do make me feel more comfortable. As long as we don’t make a mistake in picks/bans, the coaching staff has a mindset that we are going to win and supports us all the way.

¤ A lot of the times, you would try to make a play but fail in the process. As of now, are you trying to not necessarily force plays?

When I first came into the team, I would not communicate and think about my teammates when I got caught. By reducing the frequency of being caught, I am trying my best to communicate more with my team. Because I am communicating more with my team now, I’m not getting caught out as much now. It also helps that I have gotten better with English.

I think I just need to work on talking more in general. Before, I always made decisions on the get go. Recently, I have made more conservative calls and tried to win the game through safer plays. The coaching staff always wants me to make as many calls as possible. I am still trying my best to work on it. It has gotten a lot better.

¤ Clutch Gaming has made it to the top standings in the ladder. Are you happy with the results so far?

Last spring season, I got the jungler MVP award. However, I don’t think it was that meaningful. It is more important to do well in the later stages of the season rather than the early stages. As long as I play at my own pace, I think it will go well. I used to work on my own condition based on how well I was playing. Because I haven’t shown a good performance in the early parts of this split, I had to put even more effort in than I do usually. I only hope that the hardship I have had in the early stages of the split will help me do well in the later games of the season.

What is going to be Clutch Gaming’s approach in the future?

As of now, we need to go up against C9, Team Liquid and Echo Fox in order to climb. Clutch Gaming wants to be a team like KSV that does not lose to bottom tier teams. If we do make it to the finals, I want to go to international events such as MSI or the World Championships. This season, I really want to go to these events. I plan to uphold on what I just said.

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