SKT Thal on Blossom: "He's a tiresome person because his personality is the complete opposite of mine"

Today's interview features Thal, the toplaner of SKT T1, which won against KDM today with a score of 2-1. 

SKT T1 has come back from the holiday and secured their 3rd consecutive win. Thal played Gangplank and Sion throughout the series and aided his team to ensure their victory. 

In the early stages of game 1, Sion kicked things off by going to the botlane - a type of strategy that SKT hasn't shown us yet. 

I played a lot of Sion in the past, so I was confident before the match. But the enemy played decisively, and I couldn't deliver during that play.

Due to your early visit to the botlane, you were at a disadvantage in your lane - but you still held your own against the enemy. 

I was behind in CS, but I was able to keep up... I'm not too sure how...

Through the recent patch, is Sion considered an S-tier pick now?

I wouldn't consider him an S-tier champion, but he's definitely a viable option if there's no OP champion available. 

During the previous series, you played your signature pick, Trundle, against Ornn. How was the lane matchup?

It's impossible for Trundle to win against Ornn.

Contrary to your appearance, we found out that you are actually a very talkative person in your stream. How would you describe your personality?

Like I've said before, my streaming personality is different to my usual self. Even right now, I'm trying to talk in a more entertaining way because it's an interview. 

Fans say that you look similar to the skeleton athlete, Yoon Seong-Bin, and the singer, SG Wannabe's Kim Jin-Ho.

I was bored over the holidays so I decided to compete in the Olympics and take a gold medal home. People aren't aware that we're the same person. I also sing once in a while for extra income.

▲Sources: SBS(Yoon) and KBS(Kim)

As a Trundle main, how difficult was it to expand your champion pool?

I hit Challenger by only playing Trundle. Once you're there, you can basically play whatever is popular and copy what others are doing. Since you most likely have the mechanics, all you need to learn is macro management. 

It looks as if you're very close to Blossom. What kind of a "dong-saeng" (Little brother) is Blossom to you?

He's a tiresome person because his personality is the complete opposite of mine. For me, my streaming personality can't be found in my regular daily life. As for Blossom, he's the same all day. He's really talented at tiring you out. 

Any last words regarding the upcoming Round 2?

I wasn't able to deliver any good performance so far. I think we were only able to win because everyone else on the team played really well. We'll continue to play at our best and deliver a great series on our next match against ROX.

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