Pawn on Bringing a Ruler on Stage: "When I set up my monitor, I tilt it towards the right by about 18 centimeters"

On the 20th, the 21st day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, KT Rolster dominated KSV with perfect macro. 

In game 1, Pawn's Malzahar caught Ruler's Varus with an unexpected roam. With that, KT started snowballing. Multiple times, KSV looked for an opening, but KT didn't show any weakness and avoided fights that KSV looked for. By not dropping the lead, KT ended up taking the 1st set.

The team to have the early advantage in game 2, was also KT. Moving across the map at a fast pace, KT took the advantage in kills, towers, and dragon. KSV's poke-oriented team composition was completely neutered by Score's Kha'Zix and Deft's Caitlyn. In the end, after having secured Baron, KT took the game.

With this victory, KT finished Round 1 with a record of 7-2. The two players that won the MVP title, Pawn and Deft, were invited for an interview with the SPOTV caster.

How do you feel about that victory?

Pawn: Today's match was the most satisfying one I've ever played.

Your team's macro today was extremely clean. Who makes the calls for this type of macro? Is it from Smeb? Mata? 

Pawn: Today's great macro management was a product of both Smeb and Mata's calls.

In patch 8.2, Malzahar received a lot of nerfs. But you still picked him in game 1. Why?

Pawn: Against Zoe, Malzahar is known to be a good pick. Although he was nerfed, we still picked him because it still felt like a pick that can take the advantage against Zoe.

You have collected a lot of MVP points so far. Are you greedy for more?

Pawn: Deft also has a lot of MVP points... For some reason, whenever I get an MVP title, Deft gets one too.

A while ago, it was your 5th year anniversary since you started playing as a pro. Do you have anything to say for the fans that are congratulating you right now?

Deft: I think I'm being cheered on for much more than my actual worth. I think I'll have to play more responsibly from now on. Thank you.

Earlier today, Bang won the MVP title for his team. His hometown is Hong-Chun, which has an alpaca farm. That place seems to have a connection to a lot of the ADCs.

Deft: I went there not too long ago with my teammates... I did feel like I resemble an alpaca...

You played very actively with Caitlyn. Is she a champion that fits in well with your playstyle?

Deft: Like how I've mentioned in the previous interview, as long as I avoid making mistakes during the laning phase, I'm fully confident to carry games on Caitlyn. I think I played her well today.

In game 2, after seeing the Sion lock-in, I saw Smeb laughing. What happened?

Pawn: Smeb enjoys making odd level 1 plays with Sion. At the thought of that, Smeb was very happy. But unfortunately, he wasn't able to do what he desired.

Pawn, many people find it interesting how you use a ruler when setting up your playing space...

Pawn: It's a pretty weird question, but... (Laughs) Whenever I setup my monitor, I tilt it towards the right... by about 18 centimeters.

While watching you guys play, it seemed like you guys were hot. Was it hot inside the booth?

Pawn: When I feel cold, my hands stiff up. So I play with the AC off, even if it's too warm.

Deft: Because I was very focused on the game, it may have seemed like I was under a lot more heat than normal.

In game 1, you made a sharp gank in the botlane with Malzahar. What made you make that decision?

Pawn: Mata asked me for a roam, and I came in at the right time. I think we had the best teamwork in the game 1 of today's series.

What kind of calls went back and forth for the "best teamwork" that you mentioned to happen?

Deft: I can't really pick something specific. It was just that, the overall communication was great. Everyone was satisfied with how we played.

In game 2, you perfectly placed a trap right under Ruler. Did you predict his movements?

Deft: I didn't place the trap expecting someone to actually step on it. I just placed it there to zone away the enemy so that our team can take down the inhibitor. Actually... nevermind - let's just say that it was a calculated play. (Laughs)

You looked nervous during game 2.

Pawn: The enemy's team composition was really well-built. One mistake could've cost us the game, and that is why I was nervous.

You even bought 2 Banshee's during that game.

Pawn: I was actually going for Morellonomicon... but I accidentally bought 2 Banshee's instead. (Laughs)

Your team is starting to show promise to be a top contender. What are your goals for Round 2?

Pawn: With today's series, our team finished Round 1. During round 2, I want us to take down the two teams that are above us, KZ and AFs. If we maintain our current form, I think we can even place 1st.

Today, a lot of fans came from overseas to cheer for you guys. Anything you want to say to them?

Deft: A lot of Chinese fans come and watch our games... although it's been over a year since I've left the LPL. Thank you so much for continuing to support me. This year, we'll make sure to make Worlds and make great results. 

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