SKT Wolf: "If we do our best, I think we'll be able to place 3rd in the regular season"

On the 20th, at the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 21st day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. And for the 1st series of the day, SKT defeated KDM with a score of 2-1. During the series, Wolf played fantastically - covering his team at both the front and back. His plays on Braum and Rakan - plays that countered the enemies' attacks, diverted the enemies' aggression and providing great engages for his team led SKT to win today's series.

The following is an interview with Wolf.

You defeated KDM and secured your 3rd consecutive victory. How do you feel?

I'm glad that we're now on a 3-win streak... but it's disappointing that we had lost game 2.

What kind of mistakes occurred in game 2?

We made multiple mistakes during teamfights. I also tried stopping the enemy from taking down our botlane tower. The results were bad.

Ever since SKT started their winning streak, their macro seems to have sped up. What kind of feedback did you guys receive?

We lost a lot of our games because we weren't able to make the most optimal plays when we had an advantage. Our teammates discussed on what we needed to refine from our losses. The players in our team that had to initiate fights were struggling to do just that - even when I was playing as the team's jungler. We put our priority on that.

I'm curious if Blossom's attempt at trying to play actively helps the team.

He just debuted, and because of that, he is like a blank piece of paper. His aggressive and active playmaking does indeed help the team. Players start feeling more pressure as he becomes a veteran of the scene. On the other hand, the passion and daring personality that most rookies possess can be used as a weapon.

SKT is still placed 6th in the LCK standings. Realistically, in what place do you think SKT will end the Spring Split with?

Every year, our Spring Split results have been bad, and it's gotten me worried. It feels like our team is yet incomplete. But even then, our team won last year, so our goal for this year is the same. We're doing our best to achieve that goal.

During Round 2, if you guys start improving, how far do you think you'll reach in the LCK standings?

Currently, we have a lot of losses, but if we do our best, I think we'll be able to place 3rd in the regular season.

Your next opponent is ROX Tigers. It's an important match as it'll decide the 5th placed team. Are you confident to win against them?

We have to win that match no matter what. I don't care about the score. 

Currently, our team atmosphere is really good, so I'm confident that we'll be able to win.

With the recent acquisition of new players, SKT has completed their 10-man roster. Is it helpful for the team?

It's definitely helpful. Although they're amateurs, having competition within the team does bring motivation. I feel competition with Effort, and I also learn from him. That's why I find it helpful.

Any last words?

Our team's record at the moment isn't too great. But everyone is still trying their best. 

Our team has been getting better, so with time, I think we'll be able to show better performance. So to the fans: please don't worry about us.

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