SKT Bang: "If we make playoffs, we'll do our best to take down team after team"

SKT takes another step towards playoffs.

The 2018 LCK Spring Split has begun after its week-long break. The first team to take the victory was SKT T1. On the 20th of February, SKT defeated KDM and secured their 4th win of the Split - the team now rests with a record of 4-5.

Blossom's aggressive play and Bang's amazing performance on Ezreal allowed SKT to take the first game. But in game 2, KDM swapped their junglers and took advantage of Faker in the midlane. With Wolf's plays on Alistar, SKT made many comeback opportunities... but after losing a teamfight in the midlane, KDM evened out the score to 1-1.

In game 3, KDM had the early advantage - Raise, the player that allowed KDM to take game 2, gave every SKT laner a hard time. However, SKT won a big teamfight in the midlane and pushed down KDM's inner tower. Afterward, SKT won fight after fight and took the victory.

The following is a SPOTV interview with Faker and Bang, the two players who won the MVP title for today's series.

How do you feel after that victory?

Bang: While playing against KDM, I felt that Roach was a great player. It was a difficult match, but I'm glad that we won.

Faker: Because it's not been too long since our team started working together, I initially thought that we were going to struggle. But thankfully, we won, and I'm satisfied with the results. Today's match was a difficult one.

Bang, your hometown is Hong-Chun, Korea. How is that place?

Bang: First of all, it's 3 times larger than Seoul. The mountains, the air, and its people are all great. An ordinary rural neighborhood.

Many fans were worried about your health... how are you right now?

Bang: During the holidays, I went to the ER two times... because I wasn't supposed to play soccer, but I did anyway, and it injured my foot. It's completely healed now, so I'm fine - I'm healthy.

Faker played Ryze. However, Ryze has seen change recently, and his ability to farm with the safety of Zhonya-Ultimate combo is no longer available. How was it playing him?

Faker: I didn't use that combo too often in the past, to begin with, so it didn't affect me too much. They did gank me quite frequently though because I didn't have the Stopwatch. So I thought, "what if I had the Stopwatch? Would things have been different?"

You guys picked Sion throughout the series. Why?

Faker: Our toplaner often plays Sion - I think that's why. Also, as a tank, he provides the DPS champions on the team safety during teamfights. 

Faker, are there any memorable moments in game 2?

Faker: In game 2, I didn't think through about being ganked, so I fell to it a lot... I wasn't able to concentrate too well.

How about game 3?

Faker: There wasn't any specific moment, but I did solo-kill Vladimir later on in the game. At that time, I thought I was going to die to him, but he didn't have 'Ghost'.

I heard that both of you spent a very busy holiday.

Bang: I had a 4-day break, but I went to a 'PC Bang' every day regardless, 10 hours a day. I also met up with a lot of my friends.

Faker: After our game against KSV, I went to Japan for the esports event. 

In in-game chat, Blossom constantly typed somethings but deleted it right after - not being able to press 'Enter'. Towards Faker, he typed, "Did you eat a lot of 'Ddeok-gook' during the holidays?" and towards Bang, he typed in, "I love you hyung." Do you have anything you guys want to say to him?

Faker: He was really down during the game, mostly due to the mistakes that he made. But he still did well to a certain extent. He did well.

Bang: I would like for him to be more comfortable when he's around us - especially because we're all the same while in-game. I would like for him to continue to improve and get better and exceed the both of us.

(While handing Faker 3 rolls of t-shirts) This is an MVP gift for Faker, 3 white t-shirts.

Faker: Thank you, I now have 103 white t-shirts.

Currently, the fans are getting high hopes for SKT.

Bang: If we make playoffs, we'll climb the ranks by taking down team after team. To do that, we'll try our best to bring out the best in us.

Faker: We won against KDM today with a score of 2-1. We'll make sure to win our next match as well.

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