TL Xmithie: " Although we are looking weaker than we did before, we are all training really hard."

Experiencing a rollercoaster of ups and downs, Team Liquid is firm on setting their goals higher than ever before.

Going through losses from weeks 4 and 5, Team Liquid has received a lot of negativity from their fans. However TL’s head coach, Cain, has assured that due to their new and improved training schedule, Team Liquid will make a comeback. Looking over the win against CLG, Team Liquid has shown an incredible prowess in the macro side. This is all due to Team Liquid’s jungler, Xmithie.

Due to his immense experience in macro, Xmithie has guided TL’s early game to ensure they can outplay whoever they face. After the game against CLG, Inven Global interviewed Xmithie. Let’s see what he has to say about missing skill shots, TSM, and Team Liquid’s style of play.

¤ Since the first rotation of the split has ended, what do you think about your team’s performances up till now?

I think for the past 4 weeks, we have just been focusing on improving. It was going well in the beginning but after a few losses, we began to realize what our biggest problems were. It is taking us a while to figure it out and to find out we can fix it. But, I do think we are getting there. In regards to facing the teams in the next rotation, Team Liquid knows exactly what they do. Although the other teams also know what TL does, I believe we can adapt faster than them.

¤ From what we have heard, TL has increased their training hours ever since the losses you guys had in week 4. Is this all true? If so, how extensive was the training?

Yeah, it is all true. We added on a couple more scrim games everyday just to figure out how to work together as a team. Honestly, we still don’t know what the results are going to be from our training. In the game against CLG, we played the game really slow. TL is just content in taking the small leads and going for the late game.

¤ TL played extremely well on the macro side in the game against CLG. Do you think this is because of the training or because of another reason?

I think it was just more so us being very risk aware. In the game against CLG, we had opportunities to take the 70-80% chance of success plays. However, we decided not to take it and focus more on outplaying them in the macro. Before this, TL used to take a lot more risks. We would take risks that would either put us extremely far ahead or extremely far behind. Right now, we are trying to figure out what the best solution is for the team. Regarding to the game against CLG, TL went for the above 90% plays. Even though we are a fairly early game focused team, we want to be able to scale really well.

¤ Hearing from both Korean and NA players, these players have said that you are extremely good at shotcalling for your team with a great knowledge of macro. How much do you influence your team in macro and shotcalling?

Usually in the early game, it is just me talking. After the first 10 minutes, I usually give the reigns to someone who has more experience than me. In the mid game, I would usually give it to Peter or Impact or even sometimes Eugene. I think I shotcall the early game mainly because I have a lot of experience in it. It is also due to the fact that I am a jungler. Finding the enemy jungler is much easier for me.

¤ Olleh and other players have said that your macro is good but you tend to miss skillshots every now and then. What do you think about this?

I think it can go both ways. You miss all the shots you don’t take. If there is a percentage chance that I can hit the skill shot, I always go for it. Even though I might not always land my skill shots, I still believe it is the correct play.

¤ So you are not conservative on your skill shots right? If there is a chance it could be rewarding, would you take it every time?

Yeah. If we could get a big lead out of it or win the game off it, I would do it every time.

¤ Since you have said that you have improved a lot in landing skill shots, do you have any tips you want to give to the people who might read this interview?

It all really depends on the skill level. In regards to high Challenger, it is always difficult to land really long skill shots. People in high elo can react really well, especially in Korean high solo q. Koreans have 7 ping and it is just mind games. You need to predict that they think you are going to predict and shoot the skill on the other side. Usually if you are in low elo like Silver or Gold, you don’t even need to predict. You just shoot it in front of their face.

¤ Team Liquid has lost 4 games as of now. Which team that you have lost to do you want to get revenge on?

Mainly, I don’t necessarily want to get revenge on any teams that we have lost to. I just want to win against TSM. I still think they are one of the top teams. Grabbing a win against TSM later on in the split, I think will secure us for 2nd place.

¤ Lastly, anything you want to say to your fans?

To everyone, I want to thank them for supporting us. Since we all came from different teams, Team Liquid has a much bigger fan base now. However, we have gotten a lot of hate just because we were supposed to be ‘the team to be’ at the start of the split. Although we are looking weaker than we did before, we are all training really hard. I want to thank the fans who are constantly supporting us.

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