Echo Fox Huni: “Going to MSI as the representative team for NA, I want to show how strong NA is as a region.”

On the 18th in the NA LCS stadium, Echo Fox defeated Cloud9 and secured 1st place. It is amazing to see how a newly formed roster has mended so well in such a short period of time. Of course in today’s game, Huni’s role was substantial to say the least. Huni has stated that he will show how good NA is as a region with Echo Fox at MSI this year.

Below are the responses from Huni’s interview with Inven Global.


¤ It feels like the Yasuo pick against 100 Thieves was more of your decision than the coach’s?

The coach rarely gives me any champion suggestions. Since it is the players who actually play the game and not the coach, it is important to play champions that fit the player. Because a player needs to feel how a champion is after certain patches, it is important for a player to gain a feel for the champion and not solely listen to a coach’s suggestion.

¤ When you first joined Echo Fox, did you expect the team to be in the top 3?

In any region, I have always performed extremely well in the regular season. To think I would do bad would be very strange. It may be because of my confidence, but I have past performances to backup my statement. Also, it is normal to have confidence in order to strive to that level of confidence. How could you perform well if you aren’t confident in yourself?

¤ In order for a team to maintain 1st place, not only you but the whole team has to play well. Other than yourself, who else do you think is playing well right now?

Everyone is trying their best. My team is communicating a lot as well. Since I went to Worlds and I have a lot of experience in supporting my team, I am able to use this as a basis to help our team improve as a whole. It is difficult to specifically pick one player.

¤ Rick Fox consistently comes out to the stadium to support you guys. Has he said anything specifically to you?

Rick Fox just really likes coming out to support us. Maybe it is the taste of seeing us play and supporting us on stage. It is surprising that he comes so often because we all know he is incredibly busy. He is so busy that he barely comes in the office. Whenever I see him give time to come out to support us, I am extremely grateful. After we win a game, Rick would buy us nice food. He would even invite us to fun house parties as well. I have never felt so good being with a team like Echo Fox.

¤ Does Echo Fox give you any bonuses for performing as well as you guys are now?

They haven’t said anything about bonuses. Maybe they can do better in our next salary negotiation (laughs)?. Other than that, Echo Fox has not mentioned anything.

¤ Anything you want to say to your fans?

I am always grateful. I am always happy to hear people chanting my name on stage or supporting me outside when I walk in. I aim to show a better performance in the future, and I want to show how good NA is as a region at MSI this year.

¤ You said before that you wanted to face against SKT at MSI. However, SKT is not playing that well right now. Aren’t you worried that you might not see SKT at MSI?

It is not the first time I have seen SKT experience hardship. Whenever SKT rises through their hardship, they always perform beyond everyone’s expectations. I don’t think it is unusual for me to think that SKT will come back and make it to MSI. If I do see SKT in an international event, I want to win against them (laughs).


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