OPT PowerOfEvil: "I am really proud and hyped that I am rank 1 in NA soloq."

While being on the fence on whether OpTic Gaming is a good team or not, OpTic has proven they might have what it takes to reach playoffs by beating CLG in week 4.

With star players such as Arrow and POE, OpTic Gaming is in need of only time and a little bit more determination to get their gears finally rolling. The win against CLG was mainly thanks to OpTic’s mid laner, POE. His presence on Ryze with the international experience he has gained while being with Misfits, PowerOfEvil is constantly proving he didn’t downgrade by coming from EU to NA.

After the game against CLG, InvenGlobal interviewed OpTic Gaming’s mid laner, PowerOfEvil. Let’s see what POE has to say about OpTic Gaming’s goals, zig, and his Nashor’s Tooth Orianna build.

¤ How do you feel about your win against CLG?

It feels really good. We went into the game being 1-5. Because of this, we said ‘There is nothing to worry about. Play your heart out and be fearless.’. We somehow managed to win.

¤ You played really well in the game against CLG. What are your opinions on your own performances so far?

I am feeling quite happy about my own performances lately. Moving to NA, I feel like I got more motivated. This is because I face new players everyday in soloq and in the LCS. For the last 3 years, I was playing against the same players every year. I am really proud and hyped that I am rank 1 in NA soloq. I’m just trying my best to get to playoffs with my team, and I trust in my teammates to reach playoffs.

¤ Looking at your own performances, do you think it is an accurate representation or do you think you have a lot more to show?

I believe you can show yourself more when you are winning more. I think I can show more than I am showing right now. Since mid is very central, it is really hard playing 1 on 1 or without vision if you have 2 losing side lanes. It is a very team based game. You pretty much win as a team and lose as a team when you play mid. It shows you are a good mid laner if you are consistently doing damage and not dying a lot. Of course as a mid laner, you can do more plays and damage if your team is ahead.

¤ As you may know, OpTic has not had the best starts this split. Have you guys isolated some of the issues within the team? Or is it still in progress?

There are 3 main problems I see in my team. First of all, it is experience. Other than me, Arrow, and maybe Lemon, I don’t think anyone else has a lot of experience in long dragged out games. When I was with UOL and Origen, they were middle tier teams at the time. Because of this, it took us a long time to close out the games. The games would go for like 60 minutes. Since the game time is around 40 minutes now, players with less experience or shorter game time average would get stressed out. They would say ‘We need to do something.’. What they don’t know is that whichever team engages first usually loses. The other problems are side lane control and game knowledge. However in today’s games, I think we showed a lot of improvements on that. Another problem is synergy with the team. But, I think we just need time to engage as a 5 man pact.

¤ Out of all the mid laners you have faced in scrims or live games, who was the most impressionable to you?

Although I didn’t face all the mid laners, I feel like Pobelter looked the strongest. When he played a weak early game champion like Malzahar, he did a lot of things for his team. I think that was pretty good. All the other mid laners are really close to each other. Everyone plays well. Certain players have certain strengths. Phoenix is strong in lane, but Pobelter is better in overall team play. I think from team to team, mid laners are a little bit different.

¤ Where do you think you fit in all this? Do you think you are a mid laner better in lane or team play?

I think I was always a mid laner who likes to give up farm for my team. This is what I did for the summer split and Worlds for Misfits. Obviously, it was mainly because of the Ardent Censer meta. You just had to get your adc fed. I think I am really good at disabling the enemy mid laner, so he can’t roam. Feeding my team is what I am best at. Playing control mid laners and shotcalling who to focus.

¤ After the game, we saw you patting Arrow’s back. As the two carry roles for your team, Arrow being ADC and you being mid, how has your relationship been with him?

I am really happy with Arrow. I think he is a great player, and an amazing person to work with. We both don’t fear telling each other their mistakes. We are both improving each other every game. Me and Arrow already have good synergy in dealing damage together.

¤ zig has been getting some unpleasant comments recently. What are your thoughts on zig?

I personally think zig has a lot of potential. He has some things he needs to learn and improve on. However, I am sure he can do it. For example in the CLG game, he was playing Gnar against a counter match up Camille. zig really can’t do anything there (laughs). We decided to let top die and get the Twitch fed in order to win the game. People don’t understand that. They always say ‘zig why are you so bad.’. He is playing really well. He just needs to work on communication and game knowledge. I believe in him.

¤ When we interviewed you on Misfits, you were enforcing the Nashor’s Tooth Orianna. Last week, I saw you go Fleet of Footwork and on hit items on Orianna. Do you still think it is viable on her or is it just your own personalized niche build?

I would say it is a niche pick for sure. However, I believe that Fleet of Footwork is the best rune for Orianna right now. This is because I have played so many games with Orianna in soloq and scrims. With Aerie, I deal around 2 thousand damage. With Fleet of Footwork, I heal over 10 thousand health per game. Fleet just has way more value. You get the movement speed to dodge spells. You have sustain in lane. On top of all this, Fleet has an ap ratio. The attack speed you gain will also help you push your lane in the early game. You get Presence of Mind with it so you get free mana every level up. You don’t necessarily have to go Nashor’s Tooth. You can just take Fleet and go the normal build. I just think Fleet of Footwork is extremely strong on Orianna.

¤ How far do you see your team go this spring split?

To be honest if we fixed the issues I told you about earlier for next week, I think we can reach playoffs. Maybe as 3rd, 4th, or 5th? It just comes down to every player giving more than a 100% in scrims and playing even more soloq. Since we are 2-6 right now, every player needs to want to go to playoffs.

¤ Lastly, anything you want to say to not only the fans that support you but also OpTic Gaming?

I want to thank everyone for supporting me and OpTic Gaming. I’m sorry we had such a rough time for the past few weeks. We are trying to improve every week and hopefully reach playoffs.

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