KT Smeb: "I didn't know that today was my 5th year anniversary as a pro until today"

On the 11th, held in the Gangnam Nexon Arena in Seoul, the 20th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split came to a conclusion. After quickly securing the 1st game by fully utilizing Pawn's Taliyah, Smeb allowed KT Rolster to take the following game as well - by displaying exceptional performance on Camille.

The following is an interview done with Smeb.

Today is your 5th year anniversary as a professional gamer. How do you feel winning 2-0 on this special day?

I didn't know until today. We usually underperform after losing to a top team, so we prepared extra hard. That's what allowed us to win today.

Kongdoo Monsters came into the new season with great form. How did you prepare for today's match?

We just did what we normally do. 

In our match against Kingzone DragonX, we couldn't show everything that we had prepared. So I especially made sure to play well today.

Previously, you lost to KZ with a score of 0-2. Why?

We were lacking, and KZ played well. We lost pretty straightforwardly, but it didn't heavily discourage us.

You finally showcased your Vladimir. Were you preparing to play him?

He's a champion that I was consistently practicing, and the situation called for it today. As for the solo-kill... Roach played very, very well.

You are known to often work with your jungler. But nowadays, that doesn't seem like the case. 

Last year, Score and I often played around each other. But our style started becoming the standard, so we started practicing in a lot of different ways. Currently, we're shifting our playstyle according to the flow and situation of a game.

The players of KT Rolster seem to get caught out quite often in the mid-game.

We're very lacking at the moment. It's something that we'll need to eventually fix.

Your next opponent is KSV. I estimate that it won't be an easy match.

They're definitely a strong team. We'll have to prepare well for them. I'm fully confident that they're a team that we can win against. 

What are your plans for the holidays?

I haven't had a break for a while. Even if it's just one day, I want to spend an entire day at the house, sleeping.

You've been a professional gamer for 5 years. How does it feel?

I'm used to it now, so the only thing I'm focusing on is my gameplay. Right now, among the toplaners, I'm one of the oldest players. It feels like I've been around for the longest time.

Any last words?

Firstly, I'd like to tell everyone to have a great holiday. And our last match for the LCK Spring Split Round 1 is KSV. Please expect great things from us. 

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