KT Deft: "In my opinion, Doran's and Targon's give about the same lane sustain... might as well give some gold to the support"

KT Rolster defeated KDM with a score of 2-0 and added another win to their record. Compared to the recent LCK games where most of them were drawn-out, today's series was quick and very convincing. KT didn't allow KDM a single opportunity throughout both games.

In game 1, KT cornered KDM right from the start. In the following game, the two teams seemed fairly even, but as soon as KDM showed an opening, KT barged themselves to victory. 

After the series, the two players who won the MVP title, Pawn and Deft, were invited for an interview with a SPOTV caster.

There were a lot of memorable moments in that game! How do you feel winning that match?

Pawn: I played it well in the beginning, but ended up dying twice... that was a bit disappointing. But it was still an okay game regardless.

Deft: Thank you!

People have been saying that there aren't that many midlane champions to pick from.

Pawn: There are a lot of midlane bans in the current meta - it gives me a bit of a hard time.

Then what champion do you recommend?

Pawn: I do want to try a lot of different champions... but I think Taliyah is a good choice.

Why did you buy Targon's?

Deft: In my opinion, I think Doran's Shield and Targon's give about the same amount of lane sustain - might as well give some gold to the support.

Do you wear sunglasses often?

Deft: No.

Your Caitlyn in game 2 was especially amazing. You did a lot of damage, too! Did the game flow in the direction that you had planned it to go from the beginning?

Deft: As long as I don't die early, I'm confident to carry games with Caitlyn. And yes, it went as planned.

Which one of your plays was your favorite in game 1?

Pawn: It wasn't a good play, but it was when I went into the enemy blue buff and got caught. I wasn't supposed to be there, but I somehow managed to escape the situation with the 'ultimate+Zhonya's' combo. It ended up working out.

There were a lot of people that were worried about Pawn. Did you have any health-related issue?

Pawn: I'm playing while taking pain-killers. I think I need more medication, but I'm at the stage of recovering.

It's been Smeb's and Mata's 5th year since their debut. Mata has also hit 2,000 total assists. Will you give him a congratulatory message?

Pawn: 2000 assists... they may not be kills, but congratulations anyway.

Deft: Congratulations Smeb. I want all of us to continue working hard and also reach the 6th, 7th, and 10th year anniversary, together.

Deft, won't you reach your 5th year on the 23rd?

Deft: As far as I know, yes.

Deft, you're known to often sit on other peoples' laps - they call you the "knee expert". Whose laps were the comfiest?

Deft: Coach Jung's laps. His laps were the widest.

In the middle of the series, it seemed like Score was singing a song on the player cams. Did he?

Pawn: Both him and Smeb were really energetic for some reason. They were very amused during picks and bans, but I don't know why.

Deft, will we ever see your Jinx in action? 

Deft: She did receive a buff, but she will require more research and analyzing. Compared to picks like Caitlyn and Kog'Maw, I don't know if Jinx can hold up her own.

Any last words for the fans?

Pawn: Our last match of 'Round 1' will be against KSV. In many of our winning games, we won with a score of 2-1, so we don't have too many points [6]. We'll defeat KSV 2-0 and bump the points a little bit. Then, we'll try our best to reach the top of the standings in Round 2.

Deft: As pawn mentioned, we're low on points, but we'll try our best to take a clean win [against KSV] and prepare well for Round 2. Thank you.

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