MVP Ian: "Before the match, I touched Kingzone head coach’s hand and somehow, all my skills started hitting."

MVP returned with a well organized performance.

On the 10th of February, in the 2018 LCK Spring Split, MVP defeated bbq Olivers and finally earned their second win. MVP had a hard time from the start, having a long losing streak. However, after defeating SKT T1, and with today’s victory, they started to show their original performance.

In game 1, bbq had a good run from the early game, but MVP turned the game upside down with two very concentrated teamfights. In game 2, they took the advantage early in the game and drove bbq into the corner and confirmed their 2-0 victory. bbq Olivers are now on a 4 game losing streak.

Today’s MVP was Ian and Max. Ian didn’t deliver good performance with Zoe up to now, but in game 2, he carried the team with outstanding performance. After the match, Ian and Max were interviewed by OGN.

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Q. The decibel level of the crowd is the highest with team MVP. What’s your secret?

Max: I think our team has the ability and because we’re all good looking. (Laughs)

Q. How do you feel winning today?

Max: There’s nothing that feels better than winning. I think the results followed because we practiced really hard.

Q. This is the first MVP for Ian. How do you feel?

Ian: I’ve been delivering bad performance up to now, but I’m happy that I’ve performed well today.

Q. How did you prepare today’s match?

Max: We didn’t prepare something in particular, we just practiced like always. I think the good result came from practicing the champions we are confident in.

Q. Game 1 was disadvantageous in the early game. What did you talk about?

Max: The teammates said they have Gathering Storm rune so we thought that we’ll get more and more advantageous towards the late game. After a while, we had a teamfight and we won.

Ian: I was quite nervous, and made a big mistake. Still, I did my best, and we won.

Q. What did you think about the most while playing Taric?

Max: I concentrated on using my ult on our DPS champions the most, and using E with W on the teammates.

Q. Was ADD’s Cho’Gath a prepared pick?

Max: It wasn’t a pick that was practiced a lot. ADD was really good at Cho’Gath and Sion from when he was an amateur so we thought that if we pick it in this meta, it would be good.

Q. The opponents banned Skarner in both games. What do you think of Skarner?

Ian: In my opinion, Skarner is really good. I can’t understand that other teams don’t use it. It’s OP.

Q. Then how’s Nunu?

Ian: (Stalls) It could be used maybe. (Q. How about with Azir?) The Nunu-Azir combination is good.

Q. Up to now, Ian’s Zoe wasn’t that good. Is there a reason that you picked her first?

Ian: I was always confident in hitting Zoe’s skillshots, but somehow, it was really hard to hit in competitions; I kept missing Paddle Star. Before the match, I touched Kingzone head coach’s hand and somehow, all my skills started hitting. I think that was the secret to today’s performance.

Q. It seems that team MVP has flexible picks & bans.

Max: I thought that when I play Tahm Kench, I’m very weak against Janna. They didn’t ban Janna so we took her. Our team improvises a lot.

Q. You dominated game 2. Did you feel that everything was going well?\

Max: Today, Ian was very confident in playing Zoe. The moment we picked Zoe, I thought that today’s match might end really early.

Q. When did you first think that you’ll win?

Ian: In the laning phase, the Sleepy Trouble Bubble was hitting well. I thought that we won already. The best first spell for Zoe’s W is teleport, and I was able to get it.

Q. This was the last match before Lunar New Year, what’s your plans for the holiday?

Max: My nephew was born and I wasn’t able to go to the 100th day party. I want to go and buy him a present and meet my family.

Ian: I’ll have a good rest back at home and return to practice hard.

Q. After the holiday, the 8.3 update will be here. Do you think it’s a good update for MVP?

Max: The support, mid, top all practiced Swain already. You can look forward to it.

Ian: The jungle too.

Q. Any last comments?

Ian: We’ll have a good rest and do our best to win to avoid relegation.

Max: You don’t gain weight from the food you eat during this holidays, so eat a lot. (Laughs) I’ll be performing well at the next match too.

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