KZ Bdd: "SKT T1 still is a strong team so I'm always wary of them."

On the 10th of February (KST), the 2018 LCK Spring Split match between Kingzone DragonX (KZ) and Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) was held. KZ suffered to JAG’s tight defense but they were able to take the victory with good macro. Gwak “Bdd” Bo-seong performed quite well and led the team to victory.

The following is the interview with Bdd.

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Q. You’re still on the winning streak. How do you feel?

Today’s match was the most difficult; I’m really happy that we won dramatically.

Q. Game 1 seemed really difficult. How was it?

JAG tried to play safe, so there wasn’t much for us to penetrate into. Their champions were stronger in the late game and we made some mistakes during the second Baron.

Q. The first Baron you took was very quick. How was that situation?

At the first Baron, there was a call that the opponents went to red, so it was easy to take. It wasn’t a prepared strategy, it was improvising.

Q. You had a hard time playing against Zoe with Ryze. How was it?

I didn’t have enough practice playing against Zoe with Ryze recently, so I was a bit nervous. It was difficult taking care of my HP because I fell asleep early, but that didn’t really matter.

Q. The picks & bans changed in game 2.

Their pick was good for holding out until the late game so we banned the champions that made holding out convenient. We changed our strategy to playing aggressively.

Q. Your next match is against bbq Olivers after the Lunar New Year. It’s the first match after the break, do you feel any pressure?

We’ll try our best to maintain our performance by practicing enough during the holiday. We’ll do as we always did and we’ll win.

Q. KZ is on a very positive streak. How long do you think this will last?

If we try hard like this, I think we can continue having good results to the end of the season.

Q. Are there any teams that you’re looking out for?

There is no easy team, but Afreeca Freecs and SKT T1 is on my list. Afreeca has been playing really well recently and SKT T1 still is a strong team so I’m always wary of them.

Q. Any last comments?

I was losing confidence recently because I wasn’t able to perform as I wanted to. I’m thankful to the coaching staff and my teammates for consoling me. I’ll try hard to maintain this good atmosphere.

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