KZ Peanut: "PraY kept on complaining on Teddy's attack damage, the Gathering Storm was too much."

The winning streak continues!

Kingzone DragonX again shut out Jin Air Green Wings (JAG) and remained at first place. On February 10th (KST), Kingzone defeated JAG 2-0 and stretched their winning streak to 7 (14 straight games).

In both games, Kingzone was advantageous in both macro and laning phase. In game 1, JAG almost turned the game around with Grace and Teddy’s Zoe and Caitlyn’s good performance, but they weren’t able to finish off Kingzone’s Nexus with only about 200 HP left.

JAG substituted Justice in place of Grace in game 2, but they weren’t able to overcome Kingzone’s macro. Kingzone took control of all objectives and with tight macro, they were able to confirm their victory with the well grown Xayah of PraY.

After the match, Peanut and PraY were voted MVP and they were interviewed by OGN.

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Q. It’s been a while since you’ve been voted MVP last. How do you feel?

PraY: I think God wanted us to win 2-0 today, we were a bit lucky to have won. I feel really good. I got 100 MVP points today, I’m a 100-point ADC (Laughs).

Peanut: In game 1, we almost lost, but we were able to stop the opponents from finishing us off. It really feels good to have pulled off such thing.

Q. You’re on a 14 game winning streak in set score. Do you think you’ll be able to break SKT T1’s 17?

PraY: I think we’re not quite there yet. We still think that we have much to improve, so we’re not thinking about that.

Q. The first blood was at 39 minutes into game 1. What were your thoughts during that time?

Peanut: Only the opponent used Gathering Storm. PraY kept on complaining about Teddy's attack damage, the Gathering Storm was too much. (Laughs) We should have ended the game with the second Baron, but Ezreal died around the second mid lane towers. It was our first time playing such a long time without a single kill, so it wasn’t easy.

Q. You were quite advantageous until Ezreal died. How did you feel after that?

PraY: When I died, it wasn’t that big of a deal, but after we gave up Baron and around at 40 minutes into the game, Caitlyn’s Gathering Storm gathered up, so that was really scary. Our combination was weaker if we went into the late game. After I died all of a sudden, I was just cheering our team. I don’t think my death affected the game much though. (Laughs) Grace shot the skill really well. It came out of nowhere; I thought I died to Ace in the Hole.

Q. Didn’t you think that you lost when your Nexus was getting hit?

Peanut: I didn’t want to think that we lost, we just thought of what to do, what would be the best scenario to block them. We told each other to stay calm.

Q. Who made the shotcalls during that defense?

PraY: No one really did that, we did think that we’re near loss when the twins went down, but Gnar marked Caitlyn well and that made us able to stop them.

Q. Who do you think did the best at that defense?

PraY: Ezreal (Laughs).

Peanut: Well, PraY’s shotcalls while he was dead was really good. (Laughs) We did block them well, but we wouldn’t have been able to stop them without their mistakes. They made a quite a few mistakes and I think that’s why we were able to stop them.

PraY: Gnar marked Caitlyn very well too.


Q. Peanut was voted MVP in game 1. Did you think that you’ll get it?

Peanut: The spot we defend the Nexus is a good spot for Ryze to be active. After we stopped them, I thought Ryze did a good job. It was kind of strange seeing myself as MVP after the game.

Q. Recently, Xayah-Rakan duo is popular. What do you think the reason is?

PraY: They’re really strong, Afreeca used it before in the 8.1 version. It was a good combination from before, it just wasn’t that popular.

Q. It seemed like you were inducing the Xayah-Rakan combination during picks & bans.

PraY: Frankly, I think the opponents forgot about this combination and they forgot to ban one of these. We were feeling good because it seemed like they weren’t thinking about this duo.

Q. Ezreal is one of PraY’s signature champs. Are you confident of winning when you play those champions?

PraY: Yes (Laughs). Just kidding, I select proper champions in proper situations, so that’s why I win. I think our winning streak can end any day.

Q. You have a good average on taking objectives like Dragons and Barons. Do you concentrate more on taking them?

Peanut: The coaching staff tells me to take concern a lot on the objectives. We can’t get the objectives if only I think of it, the whole team needs to concentrate on them. The whole team needs to have the same perspective on the game so we all concentrate on objectives. The reason our average on objectives is good is because we all have the same perspective on the game.

Q. You’ll be on vacation tomorrow. What are you planning to do?

PraY: There’s quite some time up to the next game, but we only have one day of vacation. Even if we are on vacation, we shouldn’t rest too long in the middle of a season. I think I’ll be practicing after one sweet day of rest.

Q. Any last comments to the fans?

Peanut: It’s the Lunar New Year soon, have a happy holiday. We’ll try hard to maintain our good performance even after the break. Thank you.

PraY: I was lucky and got 100 MVP points. This may be the last time that I am voted MVP so I’ll stay as a 100-point ADC. Thank you for the support.

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