ROX Sangyoon: "I also thought that our team was a strong candidate for relegation"

On the 8th, the 18th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place in Sangam eStadium. During the 2nd series, ROX dropped game 1 to JAG but quickly secured their victory by taking the remaining two sets for themselves. ROX did make a number of mistakes during the match, but they remained calm and didn't drop the lead that they made for themselves in the early-game. Sangyoon played Kalista for the team and held it together.

The following is an interview with Sangyoon.

Today's win was very important for your team, especially due to the LCK standings. How do you feel that you've won it?

Today was definitely important. Had we lost today's match, our post-season would've been very bad, as we would've been very far down in the standings. That's why I'm very happy with today's win.

Before the new season began, ROX was rated as a strong candidate for relegation. At the time of hearing that, I'm pretty sure that you weren't too happy.

To be honest, I thought the same. In addition, our team had very bad results during scrims - to the point where if we won two games in a day, we called it a good day. But after our match against SKT T1, our scrim results have gotten a lot better.

What increased your team's performance?

Lindarang, SeongHwan, and Lava all started performing better after the SKT match. As the top-side of our team became better, the team became more balanced.

Your team used to feel like a slow-starter. But in this season, you guys took a lot of wins early on.

It's better to be fast than slow. From now on, instead of being known as a weak team, I want us to play well from the start so that we'll become known as a strong team.

ROX is very decisive and bold when taking down Baron. Is there a secret behind it?

Teams that attack Baron without much thinking is a bad team. We used to be like that, too. (Laughs) I thought for a long time and came to a conclusion that we used to just attack Baron because we didn't know what else to do - because attacking Baron will bring some kind of result. Now, we're putting a lot more emphasis on other things. Today's attempt at Baron was a well-thought-out one.

You've been playing a lot of Kalista. Why?

Our head coach made me. I did put in a lot of practice on her, but honestly speaking, I didn't really want to play her. She isn't that great of a champion to blind-pick nowadays. She is a champion that I'm good with, but I played her mostly due to the coaches.

As a team, it felt like you guys were really allowing Key to shine [through picks and bans]. 

Our team picks the ADC champion without too much thinking. (Laughs) Personally, I don't really like that. But then again, the picks are definitely based off of our scrims and practice.

How will you spend your time during the holidays?

I'll be resting at home. Afterward, I'll start playing the game again. That's the life of a professional gamer.

Any last words?

Lindarang, SeongHwan, and Lava have been performing very well lately. The fans have been worrying about these three, but I think they'll be able to reach even greater heights if you guys continue to cheer for them! Oh, and lastly, I'd like to tell Key to stop whining!

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