Kiin on Missing Out on Graduation: "I was really sad, but my friends were all rooting for me to make it to Worlds!"

On the 8th, at the Sangam eStadium, the 18th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 1st series of the day, Afreeca Freecs defeated MVP with a perfect score of 2-0. With this win, Afreeca secured their 5th consecutive victory. Throughout the series, Kiin displayed stable and reliable performance. By playing toplane Ryze in both sets, Kiin dealt a lot of damage for his team.

The following is an interview done with Kiin.

Your team has won 10 consecutive sets in a row. How do you feel?

I'd like for our team to continue to play at this level and keep up the win streak.

What is the secret behind your team's win streak?

Our coaching staff is really something else. The players are also doing a great job following them. The team atmosphere is currently really good. 

Were you thrown off by the enemies' picks and bans during game 1?

We expected Gangplank or Gnar to show up, but Poppy really threw us off. We couldn't tell whether Poppy was top, jungle, or support. Since it was MVP that was playing, jungle Poppy was definitely a possibility for them.

You played Ryze, twice, a pick that other teams don't often utilize in the toplane. What are the reasons?

I have been playing toplane Ryze for a long time, so I was confident in playing him. That's why we used him for both sets. A lot of toplane picks were banned as well, so in that situation, Ryze was one of the optimal picks that could beat Gangplank.

Holidays will soon arrive. How will you spend your time?

I'll be visiting home. I'll also meet and catch up with my friends. Afterward, I'll start practicing again.

I heard that today was your graduation, but you weren't able to attend it because of today's match. Are you disappointed that you couldn't go?

Yes. A graduation is a one-time event. I was really sad that I couldn't be with my friends. But my friends were all rooting for me, telling me to make it to Worlds!

Aside from JAG, you've met and played against every toplaner in the LCK. 

All the players were distinct from each other, but there wasn't a specific player that I felt was exceptionally difficult to play against. Against Khan, it was a bit disappointing that our team had issues with picks and bans.

Any last words?

I want to receive the MVP title next time.

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