AFs TusiN: "Kramer might have the highest KDA, but he's still lacking in a lot of ways"

Afreeca Freecs continue their onslaught!

On the 8th of February, the 18th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. The team that is 2nd in the standings, AFs, played against MVP and won - securing their 5th consecutive win.

In game 1, after losing a teamfight, AFs fell behind MVP, but following Spirit's Baron steal, the team won every fight, securing their victory.  In game 2, AFs fought much more decisively. TusiN lived up to his name of being the "God of War" and proved why he is currently placed 1st in the MVP rankings. With TusiN's plays, AFs was able to secure a big lead in the early-game, and AFs took full advantage of it to push for the win. 

AFs has not lost a single game since their loss to KSV. 

After the series, the two players who win the MVP title, Spirit and TusiN, were invited for an interview with the LCK casters.

With a score of 2-0, you've secured your 5th consecutive win. How do you feel?

Spirit: We practiced until 5 AM today. I'm really happy that the results today match the ones from our practice. I think we should rest now...

Is your recent success a product of your rigorous training?

TusiN: A win streak alone is enough proof that our team's performance/atmosphere has gotten great. I think our increase in practice hours caused this win streak.

A lot of people are saying that Afreeca has been playing like machines - with no mistakes - recently. 

Spirit: In my opinion, I think we're still too lacking to be called "machines". We'll do our best to become that said "machine". 

In game 1, the enemy team picked Skarner - something completely unexpected. What did you think of the situation?

Spirit: As soon as I saw it, I felt a sense of murder... He also played really well on that champion. Seeing MVP's counter-strategy with odd team compositions really cemented the idea in me that MVP is a persistent team.

In game 1, MVP had the lead early on. Did you feel that your team was behind at the time?

TusiN: We played against something that we've never seen before, so we were very surprised by it. Also, maybe it was because of the team composition, but we couldn't make our usual plays. In the middle of having these thoughts, Spirit just completely flipped the flow of the game with the Baron steal. I think that's how we were able to win.

During the Baron steal, the psychological fight with Poppy must've been an important factor. How did you come to make the decision that you made at the time?

Spirit: Poppy can stop Camille with either her W and/or R - so she's a good pick to counter Camille. When TusiN threw his lantern at me, I was rapidly clicking R on Poppy. I think I got lucky.

Many fans are commenting that you're playing at a level beyond your prime. 

Spirit: I'm thankful that I'm receiving such praise, but my prime has yet to come. I'll play even better. It would've been great if I was able to exert this level of performance in the past...

In game 2, at the botlane, you flashed and headbutted the enemy jungler into your tower flipped the situation to your team's favor. 

TusiN: Spirit told me that he was on his way, and our midlaner also informed us that he'll be able to arrive first - before the enemy midlaner. So I came to make the judgment that our team will be able to counter the enemy's gank. It turned out good.

While watching that fight, what did you think, Spirit?

Spirit: I saw a lot of those type of plays during scrims. TusiN is exceptional at pulling off those plays. So I played with a mindset of, "I believe in you, let's do it!"

TusiN, how about you? Do you agree with the fans that you are in your prime?

TusiN: I think I'm still on my way there. I think I'll be able to continue in playing like this - as long as it's the tank-support meta. 

During the last season, Kuro took all of the MVP titles for himself. But during this season, Spirit and TusiN are mainly being picked for the title. Is Kuro disappointed?

TusiN: Kuro doesn't mind, but Kramer does. He asks me, "Why are you receiving all the titles? I thought the botlane duo was supposed to have one body and one mind. He keeps whining that I should rip and give him 300 MVP points. Kiin simply said that he doesn't expect himself to get the MVP title. 

Kiin is very good on Ryze, a pick that is quite rare to see in the toplane.

Spirit: He's really good onstage, but not so much during scrims. He said that he'll probably not receive any MVP titles while playing Ryze, but I know that he secretly wants to receive it. It's hard to silently do what you need to do for the team onstage, but Kiin does exactly that. I think he's good at making sacrifices for the good of his team.

As his duo partner, what do you think of Kramer?

TusiN: He's a good player... but there's something lacking about him. On the outside, he's nearly flawless and does good DPS... but if you look carefully, there are a lot of flaws. 

But currently, Kramer has the highest KDA in the LCK.

TusiN: It's only his KDA that's 1st place. (Laughs)

You guys only have 1 match remaining for the Spring Split Round 1. Please give your last words regarding the upcoming match against JAG.

Spirit: Our match against JAG will be after the holidays, at around the 21st of February. We have a lot of time to practice, so we'll be taking full advantage of that to show great performance during the match. I hope everyone will have a great new year!

TusiN: We won - again - with a score of 2-0. We'll do our best to win our next match as well. I hope that everyone will have a happy new year.

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