KZ Bdd: "I think my Taliyah is better than any other player."

The fight for first place, Kingzone DragonX takes a step ahead.

On the 7th of February, Kingzone DragonX played against kt Rolster. With the high pace Kingzone has been showing up to now, they defeated kt 2-0.

Although kt ADC Deft had good performance, it wasn’t enough to stop top laner Khan and mid laner Bdd. Especially, Peanut had efficient routes with sharp ganking to help the laners.

Kingzone maintained their position on top of the leaderboard with their 6th win. After the match, Bdd and Peanut were voted as MVPs.

The following is the interview of Bdd and Peanut.

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Q. Kingzone is continuing to win 2-0. How do you feel?

Bdd: The winning streak is good, but I’m really happy that we won against a strong team. I want to continue the win streak.

Q. Are you satisfied with today’s performance?

Peanut: Bdd died once in game 1, and it was quite satisfying having feedback during the game. In game 2, there were a few mistakes, so that’s regretful.

B: After making a mistake, I tried to play more careful. I’ll watch out not to make that kind of mistakes from now on.

Q. Many say that Bdd’s Taliyah is better than the others?

B: I play Taliyah very often, and I’ve won a lot, too. Yes, I do think my Taliyah is better than any other player.

P: When I was in SKT, I told kkOma that it’s difficult against Bdd’s Taliyah. It seems like he only plays Taliyah. After coming to the team, and playing scrims with him, I think he’s a really good player.

B: It feels good to be praised by the world’s best jungler. (Laughs)

Q. In game 1, you dominated the 2v2 fight at mid lane. Were you sure of winning that fight?

P: Frankly, I think we were able to win because of the opponent’s mistake. There’s not much more to say about that fight.

Q. Were you frustrated in that situation?

B: I heard that Peanut was in the right side, and I saw the map, too so I wasn’t frustrated.

Q. Kha’Zix is one of Peanut’s favorite picks, but he was banned in both matches. Why was it?

P: We banned him because if the opponents played Kha’Zix, there could be a moment that may be difficult for our team.

Q. You were voted MVP with Zac. Your performance was monsterous.

P: I think I said “Everything’s perfect today” like 100 times. Whenever we made kills, I said that we were lucky. I haven’t played Zac many times but after today, I think I’ll be trusted with Zac.

B: He really said that after every fights. He said “Wow, I’m awesome!” the whole game long.

P: In the fight around mid lane, I was able to use Zac’s ult exactly when Rakan used his. After we won, I said that we were really lucky again.

Q. Do you plan that type of fight?

P: No, it’s just improvising.

Q. You flew to the enemy with Taric’s Dazzle on you to stun him. Did you know that the skill was on you?

P: GorillA called for the skill so I knew. I probably would have been able to kill him without Dazzle because I had Stretching Strikes. Anyways, I think being able to make those kind of calls means that we have good teamwork.

Q. In most teamfights, PraY gets attacked first but he doesn’t die and you turn around the fight. Is that intended?

B: We intend that a bit. We always consider the situation that PraY gets attacked.

P: In the match against KSV, the bot duo was a bit off, but afterwards, they always won. There may be many reasons that we’re in first place now, like super plays from Bdd or Khan, but the most important thing to be a strong team is having a strong bot duo. I think our bot duo winning constantly has a large share on us being in first place. Even today, the reason we were able to overcome dangerous situations was because the bot duo is good.

Q. Who leads the picks & bans in Kingzone?

P: Picks & bans is decided by both the players and coaching staff. Most LCK teams do it that way and we do too. The coaching staff prepares the big picture though.

Q. What do you think the biggest advantage of Kingzone is?

B: Like Peanut said, I think our biggest advantage is having strong laners.

Q. Any last comments?

B: We still have a lot of matches left, but we’ll maintain 1st place by winning it all. We’ll finish up round 1 well and continue the winning streak in round 2 too.

P: Thank you for cheering us at the scene even though it’s late. Good night to all the fans who are watching online as well. Thank you.

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