AFs Kuro: "Living in a team house as a professional gamer is like being in the army"

On the 6th, within the Gangnam Nexon Arena, the 16th day of the 2018 LCK Spring Split took place. On the 2nd series of the day, Afreeca Freecs played against Kongdoo Monsters and won the series with a score of 2-0. AF’s midlaner, Kuro, managed to carry in both games with Corki and Leblanc.

The following is an interview done with Kuro.

This is your 4th consecutive win! How do you feel?

It’s been a while since I’ve been on a win streak. It feels great. I’d like to continue to win.

Your team is now 3rd in the LCK standings. How confident are you about your team remaining at the top?

I’m confident about it. Our goal is to make it to Worlds this year, and in order to reach that goal, we need to maintain our position in the standings.

Why did you play LeBlanc?

It wasn’t a pick that I made personally, it was a pick advised by the coaches. To be honest, I don’t have too much practice with her. Also, LeBlanc doesn’t really fit into the meta at the moment. There are some players that like playing her, but there’s no place for her as of now.

You still performed well on her.

If LeBlanc scales well, she can’t lose in a 1 vs 1. I did die a couple of times, but I was scaling at a decent rate.

Your teamwork with TusiN was very impressive. Did you two spend extra time developing that synergy outside of team scrims as well?

No, our team put immense priority on “team” synergy, so we try to fit as many scrims as possible in our schedule. We spent a lot more time scrimming over playing solo queue… it’s pretty harsh.

Kiin, the new top laner of your team, has been getting a lot of attention lately.

He’s playing top lane just the way our team wants him to. He definitely deserves that attention.

Afreeca Freecs has been playing better and better, consistently. Is there some method? What is causing this improved performance?

I think our game against KSV was really big for us. We gathered alcohol from around the team house and talked. Our team agreed that there were only two choices for us: to either reach the top or hit bottom… I don’t think there’s anything better than alcohol for deep conversations.

How helpful is coach comet to the team?

He really tries to brighten up the team’s mood, shows that he cares, and he finds and provides the players with what they need. He is definitely a “plus” for our team.

How about the head coach?

The team is going in the direction that the head coach wants us to follow.

First of all, we do a ton of scrims. We have no time to solo queue - which is a bit disappointing. But then again, I think our team came together [teamwork-wise] relatively fast because of the rigorous scrim schedule.

Do you have any complaints about the team?

Hmm… that our schedule is really tight? If you’re living with other people, there will always be some sort of complaint. Living in a team house as a professional gamer is like being in the army - although I haven’t gone to the army yet. Maybe, we wouldn’t have had to follow such an intense schedule had we gotten better results in the past.

Can we expect Afreeca to get better results this Season?

I want us to finish up ‘2018 LCK Spring Round 2’ with good results. Honestly, I want us to head straight to the Finals by placing 1st in the regular season standings. I’d really like us to finish ‘Round 2’ while being placed 1st…

Only Spirit and I have reached the Finals before, in a tournament. I want everyone else in the team to experience that as well.

Is there a certain mid laner that you’re watching out for?

Every mid laner is playing well right now - so I don’t really have someone that I’m paying special attention to. If I had no choice but to pick a player, I’d pick Kingzone's midlaner, Bdd.

What midlane champion do you feel is strong in the current patch?

Honestly speaking, in the next patch, I don’t think midlane will have too big of an impact on the game. A brand new pick may make an appearance in future games... a lot of research will be needed.

You’ve been playing professionally for 5 years now. In your current form, how much longer do you think you can perform the way you’re performing now?

Personally speaking, I think I’m improving with each year. I honestly think that I’m better as a player this year than last year.

Was there a match that you think could’ve gone better? Perhaps a match that you regret because you lost?

Game 2 of our series against KSV. Their Nexus was at 30 health. Had we won that game, we would’ve been 1st in the standings.

Any last words?

From before to now, we have run into many different conflicts with each other. But we kept encouraging each other, and that’s how we made it this far. I’m really glad - and thankful for my teammates. After two more matches, ‘Round 1’ ends. We’ll do our best to win those two series.

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