AFs Kiin: "Khan is the best. It's really difficult to play in your own style...but he does it, and he does it well."


Today’s interview is with Kim “Kiin” Gi-in of Afreeca Freecs, who defeated SKT T1 2-0.

Kiin’s recent performance is not what you’d expect from a rookie, and has been consistent match after match. Even after shutting out SKT T1, he did not gloat and has remained determined to always work hard to keep his performance consistent in the following matches. We were able to talk to him about today’s match and the team atmosphere.

The top laner who is climbing up to the top, Kiin’s interview is now here!

Q. You defeated SKT T1 2-0. How do you feel?

It doesn’t matter which team we beat, it’s really fun just to win in a competition. I hope we can continue winning like this.

Q. Today’s Zefa’s birthday, your team atmosphere must be really good because you won today.

Coach Zefa was really happy after we won. I think he’s feeling good because winning was like a birthday present to him.

Q. In game 2, SKT picked Fiora against your Camille. What was it like playing against her?

Our team was winning in other parts of the map, so I played safe, just farming what I could.

Q. When you were split pushing, you avoided the opponents’ ganks even though vision wasn’t clear. Did the team make calls for you?

I think I played passively, just trying to avoid danger. There was no need to push forward.

Q. You’re getting many compliments as a rookie top laner. Who do you think is the best top laner?

I think Khan is the best. It’s really difficult to play in your own style in competitions, but he plays in his own style, and he does it well. I had a very hard time playing against him, since he utilizes the jungle well to dominate vision on the map.

Q. It seems that your team house will be quite noisy, having 10 players in it. Who is the moodmaker of the team?

None, we all get along well, and everybody sets the mood together. (Laughs)

Q. In the AF players’ personal streams, players that are older than you sometimes call you ‘Kiin Hyeong’, why?
(Note: Hyeong is a Korean term for older brother; younger males call older males hyeong.)

I think they do that just to tease me. (Laughs) They do that intentionally, especially when I’m streaming.

Q. Are there any players that are especially good to you?

Spirit is. He was nice to me when I first came to the team, and helped me adapt to the team quickly.

Q. Your next match is against Kongdoo Monster. Could you give a statement to the fans about it?

I’ll continue to practice hard and deliver good performance, please keep supporting us. Thank you.


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