Karsa, former jungler for Flash Wolves, joins Royal Never Give up

▲ Source: Royal Esports Club post

Former jungler for Flash Wolves, Karsa, has now joined Royal Never Give up as their jungler.

Royal Esports Club announced in their official post that Karsa will be joining their roster. Karsa is scheduled to play in the 2018 LPL.

Showing his worth as a player in FW of the LMS, Karsa demonstrated his aggressive style of play with Lee sin and Kha’zix. Performing well with wards and objective plays, Karsa has been deemed one of the three best playmakers of 2017 alongside Levi and Mlxg. Showing off his aggressive style of play in All-Stars 2017 as well, Karsa was a major power that drove his LMS All-Star team to the finals.

Regarding this recent news, Karsa has said "Getting 1st place in the LMS every time, I felt myself at a plateau. In order to become better as a player, I decided to change the environment of where I was playing. Challenging on my own limitations, I will try my best to present a better self in the future.". Through this statement, Karsa has revealed his reason for migrating from the LMS to the LPL and his determination to play on a different stage.

Gaining a more robust lineup with Karsa now joining RNG, many are anxious to see how the synergy between Karsa and Mlxg will pan out.

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