[LoL All-Star] Meiko : “I thought that we can beat LCK.”

The Semifinals of the LoL All-Star Event which took place on the 9th of December, ended with the win of LPL All-Stars by 2:1. LPL All-Stars played well and defeated the LCK All-Stars without much trouble. LPL lead the match flow by overwhelming the jungle and mid lane. We had an interview with LPL All-Star support, Meiko after the match.


Below is the interview with LPL All-Star support, Meiko.


Q. How do you feel to have reached the finals, and did you anticipate the victory?

I am very happy. After watching LCK play against LMS, I thought that we could win.

Q. After the last team fight in the second set, minions destroyed your nexus and you lost in a match that you almost won. How did your team react to that?

We were very disappointed. We thought that we lost because we didn’t take enough thought into the minions of the top lane. So we decided to forget about the second set and get ready for the next set.

Q. What was the key to the victory today against LCK?

I think we won because the mid lane and jungler was good.

Q. The support of the Chinese fans was unbelievable. What have you to say to them?

Thank you all for coming. We didn’t have an easy time coming up all the way, but we’ll show good performance at the finals.

Q. Mlxg was all over the place, with a spectacular performance. What do you think of him?

Mlxg has a very good personality. He is also bright when playing the game. He is careful of all the little things within the game as well.


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