WE Mystic: "I would prefer not to play against Samsung Galaxy."

WE wins 3 games in a row on the last day (14th) of the 3rd day week 2 League of Legends World Championships 2017. Scoring a 5-1 score out of 6 games, WE qualify to the quarterfinals. All the members performed extraordinary but the one player that stood out was Mystic. Mystic performed to another level in the game against Misfits, resulting is yet another win.


WE’s ADC, Mystic, was interviewed shortly after the game. Let’s see what he has to say!

¤ With a convincing performance in Group D and placing 1st to qualify to the quarterfinals, how do you feel?

I’m happy we placed 1st and even more happy we don’t have to face a Korean team in the quarterfinals.


¤ Did you expect to win 3 games in a row coming into the second week?

I think we lost that one game in week 1 because of a mistake we made. We knew that we could fix our mistake and win all our games.


¤ We saw the Caitlyn pick today. Is this pick something you prepared beforehand?

Caitlyn got an attack speed nerf that was detrimental. However, I kept practicing with her and Ardent Censer helps compensate her nerf. In conclusion, I think she is a pretty good pick.


¤ Your last game against Misfits was not the best performance by you. What did you regret about that game?

I think I should have traded with the bot lane without losing too much health and wait for our jungler. I didn’t think it was that bad that I lost a lot of health with my potion, but I died so it made the game very difficult.


¤ What do you think are the advantages of playing on the Chinese stage? You guys get a lot of support from the crowd.

Since it is our home stage, we got a lot of support. We have already gotten used to eating here and practicing here so I think that is a huge advantage for us.


¤ Placing 1st means that you will not be facing Longzhu or SKT T1. Do you have any teams you want to meet/avoid?

I personally want to meet the 2nd seed teams from Group A and B. I would prefer not to play against Samsung Galaxy.


¤ You reached your first goal, getting to the quarterfinals. How far do you think you will go?

The original goal is to win this tournament. I really want to make it to the semis.


¤ Lastly, do you have any words you want to say to your Korean fans?

It has already been over 3 years since I left Korea to join a Chinese team. I want to thank all the fans for constantly supporting me. I’ll try my best to show a good performance.

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