SKT T1 Bang on Worlds groups: "I even thought about the possibility of being eliminated."

On September 13th (KST), a special charity event for preventing missing children took place in Seoul OGN Stadium with SKT Telecom T1 players and a K-pop idol group, Gugudan. The event had two special matches with SKT T1 and Gugudan and a donation ceremony for child safety and prevention.

The two special matches were played in Howling Abyss instead of Summoner's Rift as they were just for fun. However, since the matches won't be close to being equal, SKT T1 players had to play with trackballs, a vertical mouse and even while wearing a boxing glove for Wolf. Of course, SKT T1 still won.

The second team mixed SKT T1 players and Gugudan members together. With Huni and Faker acting as team captains, Huni, along with Bang and Wolf, defeated Faker and Peanut's team and donated 1,000 wearable safety devices for children under his name.

The following is the interview with SKT T1 players after the event.

Q. How was today's event?

Peanut: It's not like we took a long time off our schedule, and I really had fun. We are fully focused on our training when we do train, so it won't be a problem for us.

Bang: It's been less than a week since our vacation ended. I think it's time that we get geared up for real practice from this point. I really enjoyed today's event, and it was a good experience.

Wolf: We are still warming up after our vacation, so I could enjoy today's event more since we aren't doing this in the middle of an intense training period. It's also an event for a good cause, so I felt good about being here.

Faker: It was meaningful for me to be here for a good cause and a good opportunity to take a breather while preparing for the Worlds.

Huni: It's an event for a good cause that involves social issues like missing children. I'm glad that we got to have fun while doing a part in solving those issues. I really enjoyed today.

Q. You had to play with trackballs, a vertical mouse and a pair of boxing gloves. How was it?

Faker: It was really hard. They are not fit for gaming.

Wolf: The glove itself wasn't bad but having multiple keys pressed at once was annoying

Bang: Being a pro player, I thought I knew all about computer mice but I didn't know that [trackballs] existed. It was interesting. I felt like I was drawing.

Huni: At first I didn't know how to even use that thing. I got used to it over time but it didn't make it easy.

Peanut: I kinda got used to it.

Q. Bang, you were the last player left when Huni and Faker picked players one at a time. How did that feel?

Bang: I thought I wouldn't care but being the last one felt pretty terrible. I think I need to work on my charms.

Q. What was playing League with K-Pop idols like?

Huni: They are pure souls that haven't even reached Level 10. I think I enjoyed League the most before reaching Level 30. Watching them play made me think of how I used to play back then, and it felt nice. I'm glad that they enjoyed today's event.

Bang: I was actually worried a bit because I heard that they started play a couple of days ago. Still, I think we all had a good time because they had fun.

Q. How did you feel about the results of the group draws?

Peanut: We were all watching the Group Draw together, and I was really surprised when we got drawn into the same group with EDG right after our head coach said how he wanted EDG to be drawn. I didn't think that we were in trouble but it wouldn't be easy either.

Bang: It's just my two cents, but I thought Group A and C have teams that are more difficult to play against and we would need to really earn our wins in those groups [if we get drawn into either]. I even thought about the possibility of being eliminated.

Q. Any parting comments?

Huni: I'm glad that I got to take part in an event for a good cause, and this'll be a memorable day in my life. I will make sure to do well in the Worlds. Thank you.

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