Key moments that decided the fate of NA LCS Finals

On September 3rd (EDT) in TD Garden, Boston, Team SoloMid once again reigned supreme in the Finals of NA LCS by defeating Immortals 3-1. With today's victory, TSM proved that they are the best of NA LCS by continuing their 3-split winning streak and scoring 6th split win in NA LCS. While Immortals proved that they can be a good match against TSM, it was a few crucial mistake that cost them the game and eventually the series.

Game 1 - Cody Sun's subtle mistake

The first game between TSM and IMT was a close one until Cody Sun made a subtle but costly mistake in a midgame teamfight. Although he made several mistakes - such as getting picked off due to mistiming Flash - it wasn't until this particular mistake that the game went in TSM's favor.

It happened when Immortals tried to initiate a teamfight but was denied by TSM with Flash. Cody Sun tried to snipe TSM's Gnar who were positioned away from other TSM members. Cody Sun positioned himself near Gnar while activating Q and E. However, Gnar managed to slip away without taking too much damage. Tristana's Q and E is the bread and butter of Tristana's damage output. With those two on cooldown, Tristana's damage output dramatically decreases. Since Immortals relied only on Tristana to deal damage, Immortals couldn't deal enough damage in the teamfight to kill anyone fast enough.

TSM didn't let this go unpunished. TSM, in turn, tried to initate a teamfight after seeing how Tristana has most of her kits on cooldown. While Pobelter's Galio did well to land taunt on many champions, it only delayed the inevitable as there was no way to kill any of TSM's champions without Tristana dishing out proper damage. As IMT was powerless against TSM, TSM managed to win the teamfight and took a clear lead over Immortals.

Game 2 - Flame blazes up the game with a decisive Baron fight

IMT Flame seemed to be on fire on Game 2. Among many memorable plays that he made, what he did in the teamfight in front of Baron spawn was really what held my attention.

TSM wanted to stop Immortals from taking down the Baron. Svenskeren tried to slingshot his way into Immortals and take Tahm Kench away from everyone with ult. If things went according to Sven's plan and IMT had been divided, TSM might have been able to have a better teamfight.

What Flame did in this situation completely shutdown TSM's plan. When Flame's Jarvan IV trapped Xayah, it also trapped Zac who was trying to crash into IMT and also Kassadin. It was TSM that was divided into two, and all that was left for TSM was to be picked off while being outnumbered.

Game 3 - Costly mistake, IMT!

The balance of game in Game 3 was once again tipped with Cody Sun's fatal mistake. Of course, the underlying reason was due to IMT's wrong call - attempting to take down the Elder Dragon while having Flash on cooldown for both midlaner and ADC.

When TSM tried to stop Immortals from taking down the Dragon, Bjergsen's Orianna positioned the orb in a position that divided IMT into two. What Cody Sun should have done was to use the Blast Cone to position himself well for the impending teamfight.

Instead, Cody Sun marched straight into Orianna's orb and soon faced a swift death. All that Bjergsen needed to do was just ult. Through this mistake, Immortals lost their small lead over TSM and couldn't recover from it.

Game 4 - Svenskeren's amazing barrel

Biofrost didn't hesitate to initiate a teamfight and Svenskeren landed his ult squarely onto Pobelter's Lucian. It was the best play that TSM could have made, and the sequence left no space for mistake yet they pulled it off. Lucian was delivered right into TSM's maw and soon became a blip in the respawn timer.

From this point on, TSM started their relentless pursuit. Immortals couldn't withstand TSM's onslaught, TSM took Baron without much problem and the remaining Immortals members were taken down soon enough. With this teamfight, TSM's more stable composition were able to catch up to Immortals, effectively sealing the game's fate.

Once again, with Immortal's key DPS being caught off positioned without Flash again, they showed their weakness in judgment and positioning - while relinquishing the throne to TSM.

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