New Champion for League of Legends, Ornn the Fire Below The Mountain revealed


A new Champion Trailer for League of Legends' latest champion, Ornn, the Fire Below the Mountain has been released. Ornn is a Vanguard from Freljord. He is a demi-god of forging and craftsmanship. With his passive abilities, Living Forge and Master Craftsman, Ornn can forge items for himself when he is not in combat. In addition, Ornn can upgrade selected items for his teammates.

According to the Short Stories revealed via League of Legends Universe, Ornn, as a Freljordian demi-god, is not in favor of gods interfering with the human world. As shown in the trailer, Ornn is in conflict with some aggressive Freljordian champions like Volibear, Sejuani, and Lissandra.

Following Kayn, Ornn will be the 138th champion of League of Legends. The exact date for his official release is not determined yet.


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