SKT T1 Wolf's tweets provide inside look at the team's recent slump

SKT T1 support Jaewan “Wolf” Lee provided an explanation for the recent slump in LCK and the lack of solo queue practice via his own Twitter.

Wolf started the tweet by apologizing that he regret getting 4 losses in a row even though he wanted to talk to his fan after a victory. “I’ve been practicing less than other players, and I think that’s showing up in the results,” he said. The support described his dip in performance as “shameful and angry”.

He went on to say that he realized his deficiency after Rift Rivals and promised to go back to the roots when he first debuted to try harder. Wolf also addressed the fans who were disappointed by the team’s current form. “I hope you can trust us a bit longer and cheer us on,” he ended his tweet with an assurance.

▲ Translated version of Wolf's tweet (his original tweet [Korean] )

In fact, the SKT T1’s recent standing is uncharacteristic of the team with 4-loss streak in LCK and 9-game loss in a row since Rift Rivals. This casts an uncertainty on the team’s chances in advancing to playoffs and Worlds. Additionally, the team is undergoing hardships outside the game as its ADC Junsik “Bang” Bae found himself in the center of a controversy regarding the “1v99” comment as well as other inappropriate conduct that put his character in question.

Currently, the three-time Worlds champion cannot be sure it will come out on top against the bottom team, Ever 8 Winners next week. It remains to be seen whether SKT T1 pull itself up.

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