TSM Bjergsen on his experience at Rift Rivals so far: "Everything’s a lot more fun when we win"

TSM Bjergsen shares how he dealt with UoL's wacky draft and comments which region — NA or EU — will come out on top.

For the last match of 2017 Rift Rivals, TSM defeated UoL in a dominant fashion under 28 minutes despite the UoL’s more creative draft involving Irelia and Hecarim. TSM’s mid laner, Bjergsen was pulled for a post-match interview with Drakos to talk about the game, his EU homecoming, and more.

When asked whether it was a challenge for TSM to play against unorthodox champions that UoL drafted, Bjergsen nonchalantly responded:

“From what I’ve heard from other teams and watching their games, [UoL] is a very scrappy team; they always want to fight, and it’s very chaotic. That’s what I expected going into the game. I think the game was decently in our favor, the only issue was that these picks that we never play against like Irelia and Hecarim were actually doing really well, but champions we’re used to playing against like Corki was no problem holding down. A bit of unfamiliarity was the only issue we had.”

Along with Xerxe on Hecarim, Vizicsacsi on Irelia did most of the heavy-lifting for UoL, but their efforts have been largely negated by TSM. Concerning how Bjergsen managed to minimize the impact, he explained, “She’s champion we’ve played against over the years and been meta a lot in the past. She’s not a new champion no one has played against. It’s about thinking back to what she does and what her weaknesses are.”

Again, no interview would be complete without mentioning NA players with EU origin stepping on their home turf.

“I like seeing many people that I knew here in Germany and seeing my friends in EU LCS teams. Playing EU solo queue has been very good, and I had a good time so far. It obviously feels better when we win — everything’s a lot more fun when we win, but it’s been fun.”

As the final question of the interview, he was asked to settle the eternal debate: Do you think we’ve already seen today that NA is better than EU? As far as diplomacy goes, he couldn’t have said it better:

“I don’t think you can judge based on just one day. Many things could change. It comes down to which teams are adapting better to the tournament and opposing meta. I can’t say NA meta is better or EU meta is better, but there have been different priorities. Teams from both region will adjust to what the other teams are playing, and we’re going to see who comes out ahead.”

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