[Statistics] Faker's Choice: Which mid champion is the best of them all?

During this year’s LCK Summer Split, Faker started showcasing his Taliyah much more than before. Before this season, Faker played Taliyah only 2 times in the past. Watching his plays this time around only confirms his immense talent in being able to play so many different champions all throughout his career. However, this fact is known by many, and is no longer a surprise for most.

However, I grew curious about how big his Champion pool really is and what his most played champion is. Moreover, I wanted to find out which of his Champions had the highest win-rate and the lowest. A few Champions popped up in my mind; but I wanted to know in detail. Therefore, I pulled out Faker’s information from the Inven Database [Korean].

** Numbers are taken from official match results since Faker's debut.

First off, his most played champion is Orianna. Despite the constant changes in the meta, Orianna has remained a ‘safe’ pick. That in conjunction with her game-changing ultimate ability, Shockwave, has kept her a well-loved champion over a long period of time. Faker played Orianna in 53 different games, with 33 wins and 20 losses. Although his Orianna packs this 62% win-rate, it is actually lower in comparison to his other picks(73%).

Then there is his Lulu and Ahri. Faker has played Lulu 30 times throughout his competitive career and she is his 2nd most played champion. His Lulu has a record of 20 wins and 10 losses, a 66% win-rate. Ahri was played 25 different times with a record of 17-8, sporting a 68% win-rate. These numbers may seem impressive, but once again, it is still considered low compared to Faker’s other picks.

Among the champions that he has played competitively, which are the ones that have been played 20 times or more, and carry a high win-rate? Ryze, Victor, Azir, and Leblanc caught my attention. Although Leblanc has only been played in 19 games, I still included her as the numbers are very close.

All four of the mentioned champions come with a win-rate higher than 70%. But even among these 4, Ryze and Leblanc greatly stand out. Ryze carries a score of 23-5 with a win-rate of 82%. On the other hand, Leblanc has a score of 16-3 with a win-rate of 84%.

There are far more champions to look at if we base this on picks that have been played more than 10 times. Zed, Ezreal, Syndra, Cassiopeia, and approximately 20 more champions have a win-rate greater than 70%; with most being higher than 80%. Faker’s famous pocket-pick, Zed, has a record of 11-1, which results in a win-rate even higher than 90%.

Faker also has champions that he had played in the past with a win-rate lower than 50%. The numbers are few; as it is only 7 out of the 47 champions that he had played in total throughout his entire career. And out of those 7 champions, 3 of them were only played once, with the remaining 4 barely being played as well.

Let’s put those 3 champions aside and take a look at the ‘barely played 4’. Firstly, let’s take a look at his infamous Vladimir. During his career, Faker always seemed to struggle against his opponents when he played this champion. But despite these facts, he still has a score of 3-5 on him so it isn’t too bad.

Then comes the remaining: Xerath, Ziggs, and Gangplank. Note how these champions share a similar play-style. These champions however are still barely played by Faker, with Xerath being the most played out of this group with a score of 2-5 and a win-rate lower than 30%. Faker is known to play ‘defensive’ champions very ‘offensively’, and maybe that is the reason his performance on these champions was poor.

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