DRX Sponge: "I studied Faker's victory poses and came up with my own."


On Mar. 9, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, DRX defeated Kwangdong Freecs 2-0, keeping their hopes alive for the playoffs. Bae “Sponge” Young-jun and Kim “Rascal” Kwang-hee delivered outstanding performances in the match and were voted as the Players of the Games. They were interviewed by Bae Hye-ji after the match.



Your victory today kept your hopes alive for the playoffs. How do you feel about the win?


Rascal: Winning 2-0 today feels great, and it gives us hope that we still have a chance for the playoffs. We can still have hope which motivates us to work harder and do better.


(To Sponge) You have your own unique victory pose. How did you make it?


Sponge: I'm pretending that the spotlight is too dazzling. I studied Faker's victory poses and came up with my own.


If you had lost today, you would have almost been eliminated from the playoff contention. How did you approach the game mentally?


Rascal: After losing the previous match, I had a lot of thoughts and contemplated how to finish this season well. Those thoughts helped me, and I think that's why we were able to show a decent performance today.


Sponge: I actually approached the game with the mindset of having nothing to lose, so I felt more relaxed.


Once again, you were voted as Player of the Game with Malphite. What did you intend with the composition today?


Rascal: Malphite is a top champion who can perform well against K’Sante in the lane and execute strong initiations. Our bot lane friends are playing well, and their form is good. When we have a high DPS or a promising AD carry, it's a pick that I feel happy to choose.


Smolder shone in the late game. How did you overcome the challenging early game in the bot lane?


Rascal: Smolder is a good champion when it scales, but the scaling process can be tough. However, Teddy played so well that he managed to scale steadily, and we were able to win.


Your teleport usage was excellent. How do you see those opportunities?


Rascal: Both of the games were going in our favor, and Fleata managed to control the vision well. So, I was able to teleport comfortably in easy situations.


What was the basis for the adjustments in the draft for game 2?


Sponge: Honestly, I'm not sure. I just trust the coaching staff and pick accordingly, so I don't know much about the draft part.


Rascal: Actually, we didn't have a big plan to change the draft after winning game 1. But when the opponent picked Aatrox first, the draft naturally changed.


Sponge played Xin Zhao. What do you think about Xin Zhao?


Sponge: Actually, I don't usually play Xin Zhao because I think he's only good in specific situations. But today, I picked him for two consecutive games because of the situation.


Your Xin Zhao dodged Hwei's skills well early in the second set. Any tips you can share?


Sponge: Actually, that was dodged with Flash, so it wasn't related to Xin Zhao. [Laughs] I thought I would lose, so I'm happy we won.


Your team synergy was excellent today. Did anything positive happen for the team?


Sponge: The previous practice process went well, and today, good picks came together, so I think we were able to do well because of that.


How is your synergy with kyeahoo?


Rascal: Kyeahoo plays a big role in the team. He gives a lot of calls in-game and creates a great atmosphere outside the game. I feel very grateful.


Teddy played his 600th LCK match today. Any congratulations?


Rascal: Congratulations on your 600th match, and I'm glad we could play together. It was great to win together today. I hope we can win more in the future and be happy together. Thank you.


Sponge: Congratulations, Teddy. I'm grateful to be able to play with a player who has reached such a milestone. I hope only good things happen in the future.


The next game is against FearX. What's your determination?


Sponge: I think we have to beat FearX if we want to make it to the playoffs. So, I'll try my best.


(To Rascal) A word to your teammates who’ll be working alongside you?


Rascal: Thank you to my teammates for always doing well. Let's do well in the remaining games. Fighting!


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