T1 Keria on reaching 4,000 assists: "It was possible because I played alongside great players."


On Mar. 7, in the 2024 LCK Spring Split, T1 defeated Kwangdong Freecs 2-0 and continued their winning streak. Through the win, T1 extended their winning streak to 12. The Players of the Games on this day were Moon “Oner” Hyeon-joon and Ryu “Keria” Min-seok. They joined Bae Hye-ji after the match for an interview.



Congrats on the win. T1’s back on top of the standings. How do you feel?


Oner: I wasn’t able to play last game, and I’m happy that we could extend our winning streak and keep our momentum.


Are you all well now?


Oner: I was sick just last time and got better right away. I’m fine now.


What did you think about Guwon’s performance?


Oner: I’ve watched him play a lot and played against him as well. I wasn’t worried at all, and I’m grateful that he did so well.


You’re on a 12-game winning streak. What are your thoughts?


Keria: It was possible becasue the coaching staff and players all worked hard and diligently in the process.


You played Kalista support today, and you locked it in right after you saw Ashe. What was the reason?


Keria: We thought that we would get the upper hand that way according to the draft. We’ve played it often last year, so we were used to it. The opponents usually try not to do this kind of matchup, but it was perfect for today.


What did you discuss with Gumayusi after the draft?


Keria: Since we played the matchup a lot, we had a lot of data and we were confident. We didn’t say much and just discussed how we would play out the game.


When you have an aggressive bot duo like that, who leads the trades?


Keria: It depends on the situation, but since the brush fights are important in the early game, supports should do well to make the trades easier.


(To Oner) When the opponent mid laner used Flash, Vi came along quick and got the kill. Did Faker make the shotcall?


Oner: Faker did make the shotcall and he did burn the opponent’s Flash. The angle was perfect, so I just went and got fed.


Thanks to that play, you were able to pressure mid well. Taliyah seems to have good synergy with the jungler. As a jungler, what’s good about Taliyah?


Oner: Taliyah is a great champion at the moment. It has fast movement and its ult is useful, so it can make fights favorable. Also, it’s great to make wombo-combos.


In game 2, there were an overall 46 kills, and you picked up 11 of them. How was it possible?


Oner: When we got ahead in the early game, Kwangdong Freecs could have stalled, but they didn’t. Instead, they played proactively and tried to make the best out of the situation, so that’s probably why there were so many kills.


Keria reached the 4,000 assists milestone. You’re the fifth player to achieve such a feat. How do you feel?


Keria: I feel that I got here quite early. I was able to do it thanks to the fans. It was possible because I played alongside great players. Also, I feel proud and grateful because it means that I fed a lot of kills to other players. 


You’ll be facing Gen.G on Saturday. How will you prepare?


Keria: Since we’re playing against a good team and good players, I think it’ll be fun. We’ll also enjoy the match and try to give the fans something to enjoy. I hope we can have fun playing and extend our winning streak.


Oner: We and Gen.G are both in good form, so I’m looking forward to it. We lost in Round 1, so I want to have revenge this time around.


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