G2 Caps: "We weren’t able to utilize at Worlds what we learned at MSI."

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On the last day of the Swiss Stage at the 2023 LoL World Championship, G2 Esports faced off against Weibo Gaming. G2 Esports showed off some unique drafts and unique strategies, but they failed to reach the Knockout Stage as they lost 1-2. After the match, Rasmus “Caps” Winther joined Inven for a brief chat, where he reflected on G2 Esports’ journey at Worlds 2023.


*This interview was translated from Korean.


How do you evaluate today’s match?


It’s very disappointing. We didn’t play good enough. Even the game we won, we could have won cleaner, and that’s disappointing.


Unfortunately, this is the end of Worlds 2023 for you. How do you feel about your journey at Worlds 2023?


Actually, I’m so disappointed that I don’t know what to say. I thought we prepared well, but it feels that we kept on making similar mistakes that we made at MSI. I’ll try to prepare better next year and show a better performance.


You got good results early in the stage, but you weren’t able to follow through up to the end. What do you think was the problem?


I agree. We weren’t able to utilize at Worlds what we learned at MSI. I think we lost because we didn’t make good decisions in important moments.


Although the team lost, you tied up Yagao completely during the laning phase.


Aside from that, we lost to BLG at MSI too. I wanted to play better, but it’s disappointing.


Which team was the strongest throughout Worlds, including scrims?


It was Gen.G. They were the most difficult to face during scrims. JDG also gets really scary in the late game.


Although LEC didn’t fare well at this Worlds, there are many fans that cheer for you, Caps. Any comments to them?


I’m very sorry to the fans that cheered for me. I got a lot of support in today’s match, but I wasn’t able to deliver. But tomorrow is coming, and I’ll do my best to reach Worlds again.

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